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2023 Annual Ministries Report
Willingdon Church

Adult Ministries Highlights

Unite (College & Career)

  • This past year at UNITE College & Career, we had the joy and pleasure of hosting a Spring and Fall Retreat. We also hosted volleyball events, a testimony night, a Christmas Banquet, Bible Studies, and multiple Gatherings. God has blessed our community with spiritual and numeric growth, and many of our young adults have become more engaged in serving the local church and their local communities.
  • Life Groups

  • We had a Life Group Leader Foundations dinner in November that laid out the mission and vision for Life Groups, and also introduced our new Life Group pastor. Over 130 leaders spent their Friday night on food, fellowship, and learning where Life Groups are heading. Praise God for giving us so many leaders who are passionate about strengthening the lifeblood of our church. We have also begun monthly video updates, where Pastor Jonathan shares short devotionals, updates from around the church, and more.
  • Men's Ministry

  • Willingdon Church's Men's Ministry continues to grow numerically and with diversity. The Men's leadership team have deep gratitude towards Pastor Richard Young for coming alongside of Pastor Vinh to help with the Men's Ministry. The Men's Ministry have dedicated time to go through a book study together (The Disciplines of a Godly Man - R. Kent Hughes), men's fellowship time, and a time to go through the book of Ephesians through our Men's conference. We have seen men from all stages of life join in fellowship but we are especially thankful to see our men who have been part Willingdon church for many years remain committed and we have seen a younger generation of men start to commit.
  • Testimony Highlight

    Life Group = Jean Wong
    Yesterday, the ladies helped out at the Celebration of Life for Carol Larson, one of our members. Carol has been part of our group since 2019 and during these past 5 years, we have been walking alongside her as she struggled with terminal ovarian cancer. She had a love for God, love for life, and love for people and even during her tough times, she deeply encouraged us by her strong faith and commitment to God. Through this experience especially in the past year, we have learned to love, care, and support her and her husband in different ways.

  • We have a group of ladies who are prayer warriors - whenever Carol gave updates on her health, ladies responded by praying. Following up as group or individually to see how she's doing. Often some ladies would text me to see how Carol was doing but instead I would tell them to ask her directly to show they care.
  • We intentionally sent private messages to Carol with words of encouragement or a Bible verse or a song.
  • Sending group messages just to let Carol know we were thinking of her and to bring her joy.
  • Visiting Carol at her house or at the hospital, doing a devotion with Carol when visiting her or just listening to her tell her stories.
  • Bringing food for Carol's husband to make sure he had a supply of food when Carol became too weak and he was stressed.
  • When Carol was in her last days in the hospital and hospice, they were also trying to pack up their rental home to move so a group of ladies volunteered to help clean up their place after everything was moved out - this was deeply appreciated by her husband