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2023 Annual Ministries Report
Willingdon Church

Family Min Highlights


  • We were able to have Dr. Dave Currie come and equip parents and grandparents on "Building the Family Our Kids Grow In."
  • Through the conference, parents and grandparents were able to learn how to practically build their home into a place where faith and values can be passed on from one generation to another. Those who attended walked away with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration to invest in their kids and grandkids.
  • Marriage Teaching

  • We were able to provide 17 couples biblical teaching and mentorship to prepare them for a Christ-centered marriage in 2023.
  • The time couples set aside for this course allowed them to understand God's purpose for marriage versus their own reasons for wanting to get married. By building intergenerational relationships with their mentors, these couples were able to receive wisdom and insight to discern their own relationship and prepare for healthy foundations.
  • Discovery Class for Parents

  • With a desire to provide space for parents to explore who Jesus is or grow in their faith, we were able to offer our first Discovery Class for Parents.
  • The parents who attended were able to learn together and also build relationships with the leaders and one another. This class also resulted in a separate Saturday morning Bible Study.
  • Testimony Highlight

    From Marriage Prep Course: "The Marriage Preparation Course is an important and valuable resource for all Christian couples regardless if you're engaged or dating. Both Pastor Isaac and our mentor couple were instrumental in teaching and leading discussions involving our expectations vs. God's expectations, communication and conflict resolution, finances, sex and children, and growing in spiritual oneness. We learned a lot not only about each other, but also what the Bible says about these topics in the context of marriage which helps us continue to be led by the Spirit throughout preparing for our marriage. We highly recommend this course to everyone who is in a committed relationship and ready to have open, honest, meaningful discussions with amazing mentors and pastors at Willingdon Church." - Lara and JT