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2023 Annual Ministries Report
Willingdon Church

ILM Highlights

Living Stones - new and growing ministry

  • The number of new immigrants coming from Cantonese speaking world (mostly from Hong Kong) has been increasing since 2021. In 2022 Sept the ILM Cantonese Ministry started a new fellowship called "Living Stone" for these immigrants, and there were around 30 people joining the first gathering. It has now grown to around 80 adults plus more than 20 kids and teens. Many of them are passionate to engage with the whole Willingdon family, and some of them have started participating in different volunteering positions at Willingdon.
  • Spanish Language Ministry welcoming refugees

  • Through the Spanish ministry we have had the opportunity to serve an increasing number of refugees from Latin America. One story: last July a refugee family was invited to our regular summer BBQ and since then one of the women in the family has been attending regularly our different activities. She felt so welcomed and connected that she started to serve in the cafe, taking ESL classes and was eager to learn about our faith. She listens to the Willingdon services using our translation system. She has accepted our invitation to attend Discovery Jesus Class and she is inviting friends to come to Willingdon and attend the class as well.
  • Testimony Highlight

  • Though most of the Cantonese "Living-Stones" are new to the church, they are so keen and passionate to invite newcomers and non-believers to the church service and fellowship. Many of the newcomers came and got to know more about Jesus, and even their lives are being transformed. One of the many stories, a lady who was not Christian came to the church with a desire to seek help from God and the church community amid her broken marriage relationship. Though it is a long path for mending the broken relationship, she experienced the love from the church members as well as the guidance from God, and therefore, she decided to come to faith and invite God to walk the difficult journey together with her.