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2023 Annual Ministries Report
Willingdon Church

WAM Highlights

Community of Creatives

  • We help artists discover their calling and develop their gifts of service to the church and community.

  • Worked to develop stronger discipling and training through the year with special events, weekly rehearsals, WAM FAM "Team" nights and created the WAM Summer Sessions -- featuring 11 different workshops in 9 days with 197 in attendance.

  • Christmas Outreach Presentation

  • We wanted to creatively share the message of Jesus through arts and artists to our community through expanding our Christmas Outreach Presentation, by producing a new musical and engaging more artists to serve in this ministry.
  • 5 sold out performances, with over 6400 people in attendance to hear a clear representation of the Gospel presented through the new musical "A Christmas Carol."
  • 216 WAM Volunteers working together with other church ministries to make this happen. More than doubled the total of drama and dance roles for volunteers from previous year.

  • Intergenerational and Intercultural Artists

  • We worship God with all that we are on and off the platform.
  • Worked at cultivating worship services and experiences that honoured and glorified God by leading people to enter into His presence through the power of the Holy Spirit: Utilizing a variety of creative methods and teams including band, frontline, choirs (kids, worship and ILM Mass), orchestras (volunteer and production) and more.