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Willingdon Church is a multi-ethnic community with a focus on the Gospel message. We offer services and resources in different languages so that each person can learn in their own language. We also provide various language groups where people can grow in faith with others who speak the same language.

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What is ILM?

Our International Language Ministries (ILM) are motivated by Acts 2:6, which says “… each heard them speaking in his own language.” As a Willingdon family, we are blessed to have so many different cultures and languages coming together to worship the same God. Our desire is to help you grow in relationship with Jesus, and we believe that this can happen most easily in your “heart language.”

Introduce Others to Church

These ministries and special events are also a great way to introduce someone to church! If they speak a different language than you, some ILM events are translated into English, making it easier for you to accompany them. You can also simply direct them to check out events or resources in their own language.

International Language Fellowships

Our International Language Fellowships enjoy times of Bible study, prayer and interaction in their own language. Please visit the following pages to see details or updates for each language fellowship, including service translations.

Programs in Other Languages

Understand the Message in Your Heart Language

  • Live translation for Sunday services:
    • 10:00AM service: Cantonese, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese
    • 11:45AM service: Cantonese, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish
    • Arabic and Armenian translation is available upon request one week in advance

Download “Listen Everywhere” APP to listen to our live translation:

  • Translated sermon videos: visit language groups’ pages to find dubbed sermon video of the current week
  • Sermon videos with subtitles in various languages: go to “Media” section

A place for fellowship, food & more!

Photo of French ILM banquet
Photo of ILM Filipino banquet
Photo of ILM Filipino banquet
Photo of ILM Mandarin banquet
Photo of ILM People of India banquet
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ESL Program

We invite those who have English as their second language to come and join us to learn and practice conversational English in our ESL program. We have groups for those with different English abilities, and we will help you find a good fit!

Volunteers Here to help

Serve With Us

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our language ministries, please visit this page for more info. We are always looking for more ESL teachers, translators, and more!

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