Siang Chiang

Join us in praying for Willingdon long-term missionaries Siang Chiang. Throughout February, Pastor John's interviews with Siang will be released weekly. Click the links below to learn more about her mission and find ways to support. Your involvement makes a difference!

Interview with Siang

Episode 4 (external link)

Uploaded on Fri Feb 23

Episode 3 (external link)

Episode 2 (external link)

Episode 1 (external link)

Siang’s Prayer Requests

  • Completely trusting in God always
  • Spirit of wisdom and revelation in leading this stewardship ministry in BC
  • Leading Vision Team to OM Ship, Logos Hope when berthed at Gqeberha, South Africa, 23 Feb -2 Mar; and to BriBri Nation, Costa Rica for Global Children’s Network and India/Nepal for Dusty Sandals later 2024. Pray that each participant will have a special encounter with God.
  • More volunteers needed in fundraising and church relations.
  • Good balance between work and rest

Visit Siang’s page to know more about her and her ministry.