STM Bursary Program

The STM Bursary Program is for those who are participating in short-term mission assignments with Christian mission agencies, and it supports recipients through prayer and finances.

Global Ministries - STM Bursary Program

What is the STM Bursary Program?

God’s mission is multi-faceted, and we are all invited to be a part of it. The STM Bursary Program is one way that Willingdon Church stands intentionally with people who are taking a step of faith into a mission assignment. This bursary program is specifically for people who are participating in short-term mission assignments with Christian mission agencies. Our desire is to encourage you on your discipleship and ministry journey by standing with you with prayer and finances.

How Would I Qualify?

Here are the qualifications:

  • You are a member of Willingdon Church
  • You have a record of previous service in a ministry of Willingdon Church
  • You are travelling with an acceptable, credible organization
  • You are participating in a program or ministry that adds value to the recipients and to you

How Do I Apply?

Simply download the STM Bursary Application Form and send it to Pastor Ruben Heyn by email.

Stories From Recipients

Photo of Short Term Missionary Bursary recipient Alex Gonzales

Short Term Missionary Bursary recipient Alex Gonzales recently served with Engineering Ministries International Canada in Kenya helping to design new dorms for Into Abba’s Arms (IAA), a Christian Orphanage in Kenya. He reported:

“When I think about IAA’s vision of housing 75 orphans, it seems overwhelming because that is a lot of children to care for.  But then my faith is built up just seeing that it is God who is at work through IAA. When I hear the story of how IAA got started from nothing, how far they have gone now, and the vision of where they want to go, I know that it is only because God is at work that all this is possible. For me, I would say the best part of the trip was meeting the children and seeing how happy they are to be in this home and how they are able to experience God’s love in their lives. Some of their stories are very powerful even at a very young age.  It makes me think about the way I live here in Canada. I hope that God will use me more to reach out to those that are in need.”