Imagine Ministries believes that every child is created in God's image and that Jesus Christ desires to have a personal relationship with each one. This ministry is dedicated to impacting the church and the community by equipping children of all abilities with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

September 25 & 26

September 18 & 19

September 11 & 12

September 4 & 5

Information for when we are able to meet in person in the future

Imagine offers 1-to-1 support for our special needs children and youth, enabling them to attend their age-appropriate classes. The Imagine room is also available to those wishing to remain in a quiet, less-stimulating environment where a lesson is also taught in a way that caters to each child. To become a part of the Imagine program and get matched with a volunteer “buddy,” all you need to do is register and pick up one of our family packets to get started!

Imagine is open at 5:00 on Saturday as well as 10:00 and 11:45 on Sunday mornings.
Meet your 'Buddy' in room 1230 and join age-appropriate classes.

To register, please go directly to the Imagine Room to receive a registration form.

For more information regarding our Imagine program, please contact Melissa Centeno.