Annual Ministries Report
Willingdon Church

Celebrating What God Has Done in 2023
God has done amazing things at Willingdon Church this past year. We are excited to share with you all the ways His ministry has impacted the kids, students, families, adults, the hurting and the lost here in our congregation, in our local community and beyond.

Dear Willingdon Church Family, As I write this letter, my heart is filled with gratitude for the journey we've undertaken together in the past year. Reflecting on the teachings of Christ, we, as church leaders, recognize the profound responsibility to serve with pure hearts, devoid of pride and arrogance. Drawing inspiration from 1 Peter 5:2-3, we are reminded to be shepherds of God's flock, not out of obligation but with a willing spirit, eager to serve and not driven by dishonest gain.

Our elder board, consisting of 16 devoted members, including 13 lay elders and three pastor elders, remains committed to the task of shepherding the church the beautiful bride of Christ. Two of our elders are currently on a sabbatical journey. For those curious to learn more about the individuals steering our congregation, detailed information, along with pictures, is available on our church website. While a number of our elders have been at Willingdon for many years and served faithfully, we also need to grow younger. We currently have several younger elder candidates that are being considered for eldership in the near future. Our plan is to increase the elder board size closer to 20 in the next few years.

Amidst the affirmations and support extended by the church body to our elders, it is essential to acknowledge the indispensable role of our elders' spouses. The strength and support they provide are instrumental in enabling our elders to fulfill their roles effectively. These dedicated partners actively share in the leadership of the church, utilizing their unique God-given gifts to contribute to the overall well-being and vibrancy of our community.

Each member of our elder board actively participates in various ministries, collectively reinforcing our commitment to service. While some may have a more noticeable presence, every elder plays a vital role, contributing to the richness and depth of our shared mission. Recognizing the need for both experience and fresh perspectives, we are actively considering several younger elder candidates who are poised to contribute to the leadership of our church. Hopefully this trend will continue for several years as we invite the next generation into church leadership.

The richness of diversity within our congregation is a treasure we hold dear. Despite differences in age and cultural backgrounds, we stand united as one body in Christ, a truth beautifully encapsulated in 1 Corinthians 12:12-13. As elders, we eagerly anticipate the privilege of serving alongside each member, recognizing and valuing the unique contribution that every individual brings to our collective journey.

The past year has seen a remarkable influx of new faces, especially from younger generations, representing a myriad of cultural backgrounds. This growth has ignited our passion to nurture more lay leaders, both men and women, encouraging them to step boldly into leadership roles. To this end, we plan to reactivate deacon committees, presenting opportunities for increased involvement in leadership roles within the church. Stay tuned for more opportunities to lead.

Amidst the joy, we also experienced the profound loss of Elder Bob Davies in November 2023. Bob's heart for missions, exemplified by his active involvement until the very end, leaves an indelible mark on our church. His legacy of sharing the gospel and glorifying God through his life will be dearly missed. Please join us in keeping his wife, Sharon, in your prayers.

The addition of four new pastors - Ruben Heyn, Roby Pamintuan, Jonathan Hsieh, and Bryan Born - has been a significant blessing, enriching our pastoral and support staff. The elders express deep gratitude for the generous giving from the church in 2023, a testament to the unwavering support even in challenging times marked by increased inflation and financial uncertainty.

In 2023, the elders approved a partnership with Journey Home, utilizing the recently acquired Willingdon House for refugee ministry, a tangible demonstration of our commitment to compassionate outreach. Furthermore, we are actively exploring opportunities for church planting and expansion in key areas of the Lower Mainland, seeking God's guidance for fruitful endeavors. We believe that God has led us to an opportunity that is from Him and not by our strength or wisdom. We continue to pray that this opportunity comes to fruition and hope to have something to report on soon.

Maintaining our large facility is an ongoing responsibility, and in 2023, various improvements were made, including the replacement of mechanical equipment, fencing, and front entry upgrades. As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, we are committed to stewarding our resources wisely, ensuring the optimal utilization of the blessings God has bestowed upon us.

The Elders at Willingdon Church remain open and receptive to input from the congregation, understanding that our role is centered on serving the body of Christ. Whether in person or through email at elders@willingdon.org, we eagerly welcome your valuable feedback. Your insights and perspectives are crucial in shaping the direction of our community, and we genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

In conclusion, we humbly request your continued prayers for unity within our church, starting with the elders and pastors. Our collective goal remains to bring a clear message of hope into a broken world, a mission that requires steadfast dedication and divine guidance. Serving the body of Christ at Willingdon Church is not merely a duty but a joyous privilege, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and encouragement throughout the past year.

In Christ's love and service, Ed Thiessen
Moderator of the Elders

The Psalmist writes: For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favour and honour. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you! (Psalm 84:11-12). In 2023, God proved himself again to be completely worthy of our trust.

We began the year with the "The Elephant in the Room" sermon series, addressing big questions such as: Can we trust the Bible? and, Is Jesus really the only way? The good news is that God has gifted us with solid answers and a sure foundation for life.

Romans 911 was the title of our spring series. The young Jewish and Gentile believers of Rome had big questions: If God's promises to Israel had not been realized, how could they trust God to keep his promises to them? Had God failed to keep his word?

Paul answered with a resounding NO! God had been faithful to every word to his people and would remain faithful. His purposes were and are unstoppable. Paul ended chapter 11 by praising God for his inscrutable ways! He will be glorified in all things! At some point, we must stop asking questions and simply worship.

The last verses of Romans 11 provided the perfect transition into the summer series, "Psalms: Songs for Life." These ancient songs, expressing the whole array of human thought and emotion, reminded us that God is worthy of all our worship and praise in every moment.

At the Fall Festival, we launched the fall series, "The Beautiful Kingdom," based on Matthew 14-18. These chapters revealed the identity of the Servant King and the nature of his kingdom family. Instead of judging people and seeking revenge, Jesus' followers forgive and restore. Rather than battling for power and prestige, they serve the little ones with humility. May the Willingdon church family be marked by these beautiful kingdom traits!

We ended the year with the Christmas series, "Do you Hear what I Hear?" The songs of Isaiah, Mary, Zechariah, and the angels inspired our worship of Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

In 2023, we said goodbye to three men who worshipped Jesus and proclaimed his gospel faithfully: Pastor Ted Klassen, Pastor Rob Penner, and Elder Bob Davies. As I have reflected on the impact of their lives, I'm reminded that all modelled how to live a life fully devoted to God and his purposes, love one's family and the church family, be an encouragement to others, and be used by God even while suffering. We miss them dearly and long to see them again. May we follow their example while we are here.

Over the past year, as a church family, we have sought to worship God with all that we are, proclaim the gospel clearly and boldly, engage in meaningful relationships (welcoming those who are new), be equipped for ministry, and empower one another for kingdom service. All ministry areas have grown and matured.

As we look to 2024, we are filled with hope. At the beginning of 2022, the Lord spoke to me through Isaiah 37:30 "And this shall be the sign for you: this year you shall eat what grows of itself, and in the second year what springs from that. Then in the third year, sow and reap, and plant vineyards, and eat their fruit." We have completed two years of rebuilding. It is time for some new vineyards (new ministry initiatives)! Stay tuned! King Jesus is leading us.

Ray Harms-Wiebe
Lead Pastor

We praise God for His everlasting grace, mercy and faithfulness throughout this year and we are excited to share with you, the many ways we as a church family experienced God at work for His glory through His people, church and ministries at Willingdon!

Psalms 117:1-2 "Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples! For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!"

2023 was a year of growing engagement in all ministry areas and we delighted in God's sovereign hand over Willingdon, guiding the elders who lead the church, equipping the pastors who shepherd and teach our flock, and empowering the staff and volunteers who serve to fulfill His mission at Willingdon. The year started strong and we experienced steady growth from January to August, and then this Fall, 'ministry activity' accelerated with many first time visitors and new believers desiring to meet Jesus for the first time. We also experienced many people recommitting their lives and strengthening their walk with Jesus.

Our Willingdon church family continued to be a testimony to the faithfulness of God through the hearts of His people. Through your faithful service, generous giving and ministry engagement, you have shared the love of Jesus, to our community, city and abroad. By serving together as the body of Christ, we lived our vision to be a "Family on Mission: Everyone, Every Day and Everywhere."

At the beginning of 2023, our call to volunteers was to have 1000 people sign up to serve. By the end of the year, God called 1023 people to use their gifts to serve Him in 1600 different volunteer positions! We are grateful for our volunteers and lay leaders who led the charge to keep up with the demands of our growing ministries. Many new members and attendees came forward to serve in many different ministry areas, both within the church and in the community. Together, our church family experienced the blessing of serving our great God alongside brothers and sisters in Christ, and growing deeper in their walk with Jesus.

Through God's provision and your generous giving, in 2023 we exceeded last year's donations by 4.4%! Near the end of the year, we were running short of the aggressive budget we had set for the year (plus 15% to last year). After a call from the elders to give, we experienced a record-breaking month of December and 140 new givers were added to our list for a total of 482 new faithful givers over the year. We thank you for your faithful giving which supports the ministries at Willingdon and our ministry partners both locally and globally. Many people came to know Jesus, deepened their walk with him and joined the body of Christ from all different generations and cultures.

One of the most exciting ways we saw God moving in 2023, is through the incredible blessing of welcoming newcomers to Willingdon, this year 1433 First Time Visitors were welcomed through our First Impressions Ministries, from the parking lot, through the church, in services, to the Welcome Center and then the Connect Ministries, they were welcomed and connected through the many volunteers who serve Him in this ministry.

Romans 15:7 "Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you"

We are grateful for our staff team, their heart to reach the lost, disciple others and their passion to serve His people. Through God's provision, our staff team grew as we added 10 new members to our team: Aura Martinez (Imagine Ministries Associate); Bryan Born (Theological Education Pastor); Gilbert Nigh (Kitchen Assistant); Jonathan Hsieh (Life Groups Pastor); Maria Padilla (Pastoral Specialty Intern); Naiara Rodrigues (ESL Coordinator); Pedro Ramos (Ministry Coordinator Worship Arts); Roby Pamintuan (Young Adults Pastor); Ruben Heyn (Outreach Pastor), and Vane Nguyen (Receptionist). Time and time again, we experienced God's sovereign hand, in filling positions with gifted people who He called to join our staff family. We also celebrated the retirement of Pastor Shirley Fong (International Language Ministries) and Pastor Norm and Rachael Schmidt (Team Leader of Care Ministries). Both served at Willingdon for over 17 years and we were truly blessed to serve alongside them and experience how God used them both to share the gospel, shepherd the flock, care for the broken and disciple others in many different ministries.

Through God's grace, our team of volunteers, staff, pastors and elders continues to grow as He fills positions with the people God has called to serve Him at Willingdon. We are an intergenerational and intercultural team of believers who God has woven together to serve Him as a family!

We pray you will be encouraged by the following ministry reports prepared by our ministry teams as we reflect on the incredible gift of another year where we can celebrate all that God has done through His people at Willingdon. We are also excited to experience another year of God's sovereign hand, love, grace and faithfulness, trusting Him to do amazing things in the years to come!

To our church family, on behalf of our pastors and staff, we thank you for your ongoing love, support, encouragement and prayers. It is a privilege and blessing to serve alongside you to be a Family on Mission with Jesus in His church, community and around the world!

To God, we give the glory for His amazing grace, provision, care and love!

Penny Fuchihara
Executive Director

Meet our Amazing 2023 Staff Family Team!

In 2023, we continued to build our team and praise the Lord for calling and bringing brothers and sisters in Christ uniquely gifted to serve Him at Willingdon Church. Our talented, diverse inter-generational and intercultural team is an amazing group of individuals who love God and serve Him faithfully using the gifts He has given them.

Angus Sheung, Aura Martinez; Brody Loewen, Bryan Born; Candy Gan, Caris Ip, Cesar Beltran, CJ Limvalencia, Cynthia Asirit, David Yang, Don Macleod, Elisangela Molinari, Ellen Wong,Emily Lien, Eric Cheng, Gilbert Nigh, Ingrid Hopkinson, Isaac Lee, James Buss, Jerry Skaggs, John Best, Jonathan Hsieh, Jono Caramay, Joyce Lukas, Karen Chan, Lauren Opelka, Levi Hopkinson, Linda Yang, Lisa Shen, Lydia Wang, Maria Padilla, Mark Janzen, Marko Delac, Marlyn Zidkovich, Max Jeet, Naiara Rodrigues, Nathaniel Wong, Nicole Yang, Nigel Li, Pedro Ramos, Penny Fuchihara, Ray Harms-Wiebe, Richard Young, Roby Pamintuan, Ronn Abueg, Ruben Heyn, Rufina Huang, Samantha Alexander, Sherie Etches, Silas Lui, Sophia Tam, Tomoko Kashima, Vane Nguyen, Vinh Doan, Walter Patterson, William Zhang, Yvelyn Tang

This year, we celebrate two members of our team who retired. Pastor Shirley Fong, served over 16 years in the International Language Ministries. Shirley's heart to share the gospel, care for others and disciple many has had a lasting impact on the many people she touched through her ministry at Willingdon.
After serving 17 faithful years at Willingdon, Pastor Norm Schmidt retired as Team Leader and Pastor of Care Ministries. We celebrate Pastor Norm's faithful service as a pastor whom God used to shepherd many and serve with a passion to see lives changed and transformed.
We look forward to continuing to serve alongside Shirley, Norm and his wife Rachael as members of our church family.


We praise God for His provision and are grateful to our congregation for your faithful giving. The Fiscal Year of 2023 was a remarkable year of generous and faithful giving. With the addition of 482 new first-time givers (a 152% increase of from the previous year) (for a total of 2406 givers for the year) and the ongoing support from members and attendees, contributions totalled $6,462,242.00, 4.4% above last year.

In 2023, although we did not meet our budget objective of $6,750,000.00, our ministry teams maintained effective cost management to ensure expenses would be in alignment with income. It is with gratitude to our great God and our congregation for their faithful giving, that we report we ended the year in the black with all of our expenses met.

Download 2023-2024 Finance/Budget Summary

$2686 average annual donation
2406 general fund giving units (givers)
482 new givers

General Fund Giving 2023


6,191,166 (2022)
Total General Fund
Budget 2024

Pastoral Ministries
Capital Expenditures
Admin & Ops Facilities
Global Missions, Leadership, Outreach
in addition, the
benevolent fund
is budgeted at 205,000

Dollars Expended for Outreach in 2023 (Global, Local & Partners)
(17.4% of budget)

277,863 Missionary & Organization Support
183,337 BCMB Conference
182,614 Benevolent General Fund
140,917Special Project Ukraine
122,000Journey Home Community
60,258MB Seminary
30,023Mission Circle
30,000Columbia Bible College
25,318Short Term Missions
24,585School of the Bible
20,882MBS Ministry Foundations
20,000MB Missions Ukraine
18,000Brazil Pastoral Training
12,807Community Outreach General
12,635Short Term Mission Bursaries
7,500Child of Mine
7,000Strategic Partnership North Korea
5,880Mission Mobilization Internal
5,710Project Migrant's Hope
5,000Special Project Lithuania
5,000Special Project Malawi
5,000Special Project North Thailand
5,000Special Project Thailand
5,000Christian Advocacy Society

Average Weekly Attendance

2023 Total 3819
Adults 2531
Students 198
Kids 342
Online 748


Members &

2291 Members
3534 Attendees

43 57 %male               %female
31 69 %single               %married

Where Do We Live

Burnaby  47%
Vancouver  17%
Surrey   7%
Coq + PC + PM   11%
New Westminster   6%
Richmond   4%
Northshore   3%
Other   5%
rounded to nearest %

New Members Joined by
Baptism &
Confession of Faith in 2023




We praise God for bringing over 1400 first-time visitors to Willingdon Church in 2023. We are grateful for our First Impressions ministries who welcomed these visitors on the frontline in the following ministries.

Parking, Greeters, Ushers, Here to Help, Resource Center, Welcome Center, First Aid Attendants, Ministry Support Team, Sanctuary Care

First Time Visitors

1095 Welcome Center 239 Online 99 Other

We are also grateful to our Connect and International Ministries teams for following up with each new visitor via phone calls and in-person visits and connecting them to our ministries who welcomed families and newcomers from all over the world.


588 Contacts Were Made
(35% are Seekers)
256 In-Person
875 Contacted by our International Ministries Team


Over this year, God has rebuilt his church by calling people to serve in many different areas of ministry and we are so grateful to you for using your God-given gifts to serve His people and Kingdom. Many of you have served every week and we thank you for your commitment and are so encouraged by your passion to be a "Family on Mission with Jesus: Everyone, Every Day and Everywhere"!



EVFS - 75
FIM - 235
KIDS MIN - 143
ILM - 315
WAM - 282

Admin & Ops Highlights

  • First Impressions - Connect Ministries
  • Events and Cafe Ministry - Serving Jesus!
  • Social Media - Building - Awareness!
  • Building Maintenance - Caring for God's House
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Team Leader Moment

Executive Director Penny Fuchihara

2023 was filled with many special moments of experiencing God's amazing grace and goodness throughout the year. A few very special moments were serving alongside a next generation of leaders, experiencing their enthusiasm, innovation, incredible talent and deep love for Jesus. Seeing how God has uniquely gifted them to serve Him wholeheartedly in every ministry of the church using their unique gifts to be part of a team who shares the gospel and brings people to Jesus.

Prayer Request

Please pray that God will continue to build His team at Willingdon, both volunteers and staff. Pray that He will call people to use their gifts to serve him passionately and place them in positions where He will use them to be part of our "Family on Mission with Jesus: Everyone, Everyday and Everywhere".

Global Ministries, Local Outreach, Mission Circle, Connect

Willingdon Church Outreach Ministries is focused on serving our city and the world, being ambassadors of Jesus through our actions and words.

30 refugees have lived in the Willingdon Refugee House in the first six months of operation
3 young adults on the Brazil STM are now doing longer mission assignments back in Brazil
1500 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes filled by our church
We provided rent support for 55 families and gave out 1325 food pantry bags for Ukraine Refugees
68 quilts completed by Mission Circle (given to Journey Home, MCC, Ukraine refugees, Thailand, Turkey)

Global Ministry & Local Outreach Highlights

  • Jen Mascardo - New Missionary
  • Willingdon House - New Ministry
  • A New Sense of Life Purpose
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor John Best

One day I saw a meeting pop up on my calendar with someone named Hamza. It turns out that Hamza (age 17), his mother and his sister live in the Middle East, are part of a Muslim family, and have a deep desire to know more about Jesus. They are afraid to find Christians in their city because they think their family will persecute them if this exploration is discovered. The Lord pointed them toward Willingdon online services, they filled out an online Connect Card, and found a time to meet with me. I have had the joy of having two meaningful Zoom calls with the family, and because of how diverse our church family is, have now been able to introduce this family to a family here that speaks Arabic and lived in their city in the past.

Prayer Request

God has given our church family wonderful and abundant opportunities to serve Him in our city and around the globe. Please pray that each person in our Willingdon Church family will have an opportunity to point someone to Jesus in the year to come, either here or in some other part of the world.

International Language Ministry Groups, ESL
God keeps bringing people from around the world to Willingdon Church. International Language Ministries exists to provide community, evangelism, care and discipleship to people in a language they can understand more easily than English.

Different households sent us Connect Cards to connect with a specific language group
Translation units were borrowed
Number of languages our services are translated into
Number of volunteer translators actively serving
students registering for ESL classes

Ministry Highlight

  • Living Stones - new and growing ministry
  • Spanish Language Ministry welcoming refugees
  • Discovering Jesus - Farsi
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor John Best

I am convinced that worshiping with the Willingdon Church family is a foretaste of heaven, where people from every tribe and language and nation will worship Jesus. We get to have the grand and sometimes stretching experience of crossing linguistic and cultural differences in our relationships, all while worshiping the same God - King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Prayer Request

Please pray for our International Language Ministry leaders. They are all volunteers who have an incredible opportunity to regularly welcome newcomers to Canada and to Willingdon Church. Please pray for wisdom and health as they serve, and also that many people will grow in their relationship with Jesus as a result of the International Language Ministry efforts.

Worship Team, Choir, Orchestra, Tech/Production, Creative Arts

Willingdon Church Worship Arts Ministries is focused on creating cultures and cultivating artists that glorify God - everyday and everywhere.

Attended our Christmas Presentation
'A Christmas Carol'
New Volunteers
(29% increase)
people came to faith at A Christmas Carol

Worship Ministry Highlights

  • Community of Creatives
  • Christmas Outreach Presentation
  • Intergenerational and Intercultural Artists
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor Jerry Skaggs

When the WAM Team began the process of dreaming up the possibility of doing "A Christmas Carol" for the Christmas presentation, there were a lot of concerns. Do we have enough time? Do we have enough actors and dancers, young and old? How will we fit everything on the platform? We don't have any handbells? Where will we get all the costumes?

There seemed to be a lot of need... things we'd want... calculated and unknown... and all seemingly deficiencies. We began to pray. And write down names...possibilities. We were challenged to step out and do something that we knew God would have to intervene and supply. And he did! The cast, the crew, the props, the costumes, the set, the music, the orchestra, the tech... Every detail came together. I am so proud of our WAM Team for stepping out in creative faith to do things bigger than we thought possible. God call us to that so that God gets ALL the glory. With Him all things are possible!

Nursery, Preschool, Clubhouse, HQ, Ignite Girls Club, Boy Scouts, PlaySpace, Moms Connect, Kids Choir

Our goal at WillingdonKids is for kids and families to KNOW Jesus as their Saviour, GROW daily in His Word,
and GO into the world, living out His mission and sharing His love with others.

kids attend each Sunday
We have 85 attendees in our weekday programs (PlaySpace, Moms Connect, Ignite, Scouts)
Number of Volunteers: 135
Number of New Volunteers, 2023: 28

Kids Ministry Highlights

  • Movers & Makers - Spring DayCamp
  • Summer DayCamps
  • PlaySpace & Mom's Connect
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor Jono Caramay

In 2023, I had the honour of baptising a highschooler who I had previously taught when they were a kid in kids ministry. In the moments conversing with the family, hearing their testimony and reflecting on how this person had grown and experienced God's hand in their life, I couldn't help but be blown away by God's faithfulness and commitment to His will and His glory being revealed and how gracious and merciful He is to give us glimpses of Him at work. Because we don't need concrete evidence to spur us on in our mission, our persistence in obedience to Him is not contingent on God showing or proving himself to us.

But what a wonderful God he is. Indeed it was such an act of grace to celebrate a once-little child's faith grow and mature. It truly was a gift to bear witness to God calling His people, and to see His people respond to Him too. And so we continue to plant seeds in faith, knowing that only God provides the growth; knowing that we can truly be steadfast and immovable, knowing that in the Lord, we do not labour in vain.

Prayer Request

Pray that kids and families would have a deep and true longing for Jesus and His Word, and to live out what they are called to be and do.

Junior High Ministry, Senior High Ministry

Through Willingdon Student Ministries, students are discipled to take ownership over their own faith, seek after Jesus deeper, and share the love of Christ and the gospel with their peers.

students accepted Christ for the first time and 44 students recommitted their lives to Christ
students were baptized last year
first time students

Student Ministry Highlights

  • New Year's Bash
  • Stillwood Camp
  • City-Wide Youth Gatherings
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor Isaac Lee

One of the opportunities I had last year was to be able to share my testimony with the Junior High students. This was a very meaningful experience for me because I was their age when I surrendered my life to Christ. Preparing to share with them, I re-entered the thoughts, feelings, and experiences I had when I was that age, and I enjoyed being able to connect with them sharing my story. But I also realized that our students today are living a much more challenging life than I ever did when I was their age. Youth ministry, back when I was a student, was instrumental in my walk with Christ. How much more crucial is youth ministry now, considering all the complexities of the world our students grow up in? Whenever you see our youth pastors and youth leaders, pray for wisdom and insight, and encouragement and strength for them as they walk with our students toward Jesus.

Prayer Request

Please pray that our students would grow strong in their faith, withstand the currents of society, and be salt and light amongst their peers.

Marriage Ministries
Willingdon Church Family Ministries is focused on the strengthening and discipleship of the family.

parents and grandparents were equipped at the Parenting Conference
volunteers serving in mentoring and discipling relationships
couples completed the Marriage Preparation Course

Family Ministry Highlights

  • Conference
  • Marriage Teaching
  • Discovery Class for Parents
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Prayer Request

Please pray for the strengthening of our families through Christ-centered marriages and godly parenting and grand-parenting of our children in the home.

Life Groups, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Unite (College & Career)
Willingdon Church Adult Ministries is focused on Making Disciples who are devoted and mature in their walk with Jesus because of the Great Commission.

Attended Women's Awaken Conference
Life Group views per video
Unite (College & Career) Attendance
Men's Refuel Conference

Adult Ministries Highlights

  • Unite (College & Career) Fall Retreat
  • Life Groups Leader Foundations Dinner
  • Men's Activities
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor Vinh Doan

A moment that has been a blessing is to have a team of pastors who love Jesus and love to serve his church, Willingdon. It has been an answer to prayer to have our Pastoral intern Maria join the team, with Pastor Roby to follow, and then finally to have Pastor Jonathan. It has also been an answer to prayer to have the team work together, pray together, and laugh together often. We as a team have made a concerted effort to encourage our people to take deeper steps of faith via baptism, membership, volunteer, or lead and join a Life Group. We have been encouraged to see the Spirit move within our people and to see them respond to the call.

Prayer Request

For our Adult Ministry Team to not look down on themselves for being young but that they would set an example for Willingdon in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12).

Pastoral Counseling; Prayer; Visitation; Benevolence & Practical Care; Funeral & Memorial Services; New Horizons Senior Fellowship; Divorce Care; Grief Share; Soul Care (Freedom Session; Pure Desire); Birthday calls.

Care Ministries exists to equip lay leaders to become disciple-making "Care Guides" that serve to be Spirit-led, mature examples so the Willingdon congregation will know it's normal to reach-out for and receive care."

Pastoral Care Engagements
Birthday Calls
Prayer Card Calls
Prayer Center Engagements

Care Ministry Highlights

  • New Visitation Updates
  • Increase in Young People seeking Counselling
  • Updates in Men's Counseling
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Team Leader Moment

Pastor Richard Young

This past year was really about transition and I have to acknowledge and give thanks to Pastor Norm for making these last 17 months so fruitful and enjoyable. Bringing me onboard was a welcome invitation, yet full of unknowns. Norm's willingness to include me in conversations from day one was vital to the success of our transition because the rest of the Care Team saw that he affirmed me and celebrated my new role as Team Lead. Even though we are so different, he allowed me to be myself, the way God created me to lead, and didn't hold onto the his "baby" too tightly, and even encouraged changes so that the ministry would thrive moving into a different era and reaching a new generation needing care.

Prayer Request

For unity within the Team as we embark on our first months without Pr. Norm around. I have a few new initiatives that I would like to include the Team on as well as some changes to existing ministry areas that I think will better set us up for the long-term, so we need prayer not only for unity/energy/vision for the Care Team but also our many amazing volunteers.