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Church Center is the hub of information for those signed up for groups classes or events.

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Church Center App

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Conveniently on your phone

Willingdon Church Center is always available online at WIllingdon.churchcenter.com, however, there is a convenient app that allows you to put Church Center on your mobile device.

Mobile App Features

  • Get life group resources directly on your phone,
  • receive notifications when critical updates come in from the church (like weather cancellations or changes to your group meeting time).
  • RSVP for an event on your phone from the church lobby and never forget to register for an event.
  • Group leaders can manage their groups directly from their phones during their meetings
  • and attendees for events can find their registration information on the go.
  • What is Church Center?

    Anyone can use willingdon.churchcenter.com. It is the portal for everyone, whether it’s the first time you have considered connecting with others at Willingdon Church or you have been attending Willingdon for many years and regularly engaging as a volunteer.

    Willingdon Church Center is the place to find a list of all our open groups where you can ask to become a part of a group.

    Personalized Experience

    If you attend Willingdon and have a church profile, you can use login for a more personalized experience. Each person at Willingdon has their own unique church profile of which, the core components is your preferred first and last name, phone number and email address. This is how we know that you are you.

    When logged in you will find ways to stay connected with your group and receive convenient  RSVPs for an event, and receive resources from your leaders. In the future, other applications related to you and your household like check-in will be added here.


    Logging In

    If you already filled in a profile update or creation form, you most likely already have a church profile. Simply use the email or phone number you provided. Consistently using the same email and phone number will ensure you are correctly identified each time you sign up or register for an event.

    If you don’t have a profile yet, you can still join a group. We will confirm your information with you at a later date via the email you use for sign up.
    Or you can set up a church profile yourself by fill out the create church profile form.  This is the most comprehensive way to  update your information at the church.

    Authentication Code

    When you log in to willingdon.churchcenter.com, the system will send you a text or an email with an authentication code. This feature is to confirm your identity and enhance the security around your data. We recommend login in using your phone number as we find this the easier of the two options.

    Trouble Shooting

    Blocked emails/ Emails ending up in Junk Mail: if you find you are not receiving any planning center emails, they are likely being sent to your junk mail folder.
    Add the following emails to your contacts. ( you can also whitelist these email addresses)

    If you continue to have problems please email our database team for further assistance.