2016/2017 Annual Ministries Report
"To Know Jesus Christ Personally to carry on His ministry"

Letter from the Elders

Letter from the Elders

This past year at Willingdon has been one of forward progress and change. The elder board has been working with Pastor Ray Harms-Wiebe and the Team Leaders to develop an updated leadership structure and ministry philosophy.

As many new people continue to enter the doors of the church we are reminded of our mission statement that invites everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Therefore it is imperative that we emphasize an outward focus at Willingdon Church and in the local community. The elders remain committed to our core values of the authority of scripture and the ongoing transformation of every believer into Christ's likeness in accordance with Colossians 3:9-11 and Ephesians 4:23-24.

Elders and pastors have come together to form a unified ministry plan which, is expressed as our ministry philosophy and has recently been preached in our Amplify Series. The collaboration of elders and pastors is an essential part in moving forward with clear direction. Communication at the leadership level is key to moving forward in this area. Over the course of the past year we have sought congregational input from Small Group leaders, Discovery leaders and Volunteer leaders in regular meetings with church leadership. This has provided feedback and direction to the elders and pastors. We hope to continue this pattern, as well as, communicating directly with the congregation primarily to lay leaders in the church.

This past year at Willingdon has been one of forward progress and change.

Elders and Pastor Ray have focused on filling vacant pastoral positions. As part of that effort, a new team leader pastoral position was approved by elders called the Pastor of Discipleship.

This position will give oversight to the Adult and Care ministries. Along with this position, we are currently interviewing for a Young Adults Pastor and Women's Ministry Pastor. This year, Pastor Antonio Nasser was hired for the International Language Ministries, Pastoral Intern Brad Bates for Community Outreach, Pastor James Vanderveen will be transferring to Willingdon School of the Bible and Pastoral Intern Brody Loewen will be taking Pastor James' position in High Voltage. Please pray for God to continue to fill the pastoral and staff vacancies and for the pastors and staff who serve in all ministries at Willingdon.

One of the initiatives for this past year was to enlarge the elder group from 10 to 15. We are recommending to the congregation the adding of two former elders, two new elders and one pastor elder which will need to be affirmed at the Annual Ministry Meeting. In addition, the congregation has put forward the names of other men for elder consideration. These men will go through an elder discernment process which will supply future elder needs.

During the past year, the elders have rewritten or clarified sections of the church governing policies. These policies are available on the website. It is the intention of elders to incorporate term limits for elders along with elder reviews every three years. We wish to be transparent to the church members on how we are governed and what we are accountable for as elders.

On behalf of the elders, we thank you for your support and encouragement this past year. Please continue to pray for us that we will lead well to the honour and glory of Jesus Christ and for the spiritual well-being of our church that we dearly love.

- Moderator of the Elders - Ed Thiessen -

Our Elders

Pastor Ray Harms-Wiebe

Letter From the Lead Pastor

My prayer for Willingdon Church this past year is expressed by Jesus in a way that I could never articulate it myself. He prays for us, those who have come to believe in him and his word.

"I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me."
(John 17:20-23).

"Christ in us, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27) grounds my yearning for our transformation into his likeness. "Christ in us" anchors our oneness as his people. "Christ in us" encourages all of us to embrace our calling to "know Jesus Christ personally and carry on His ministry" at Willingdon and in the world around us which so desperately needs to know the love of Jesus. This is God's grace.

God has been exceedingly gracious to Judy and I and this church family which is now our home. Jesus deserves all the praise and glory for the way he has sustained us, carried us, taught us, inspired us and led us forward. In a season when many in our congregation searched their hearts and sought to discern God's direction in our church family, God continued to draw new people to himself and added to our number. This is God's grace.

Hundreds of volunteers continued to serve in many different ministry areas making it possible to proclaim the good news of Jesus' birth at Christmas. Despite one of the harshest winters in recent memory, thousands of people came to hear the story of Jesus' birth through the musical, "Love Has Come," and Christmas Eve/Day services. I had the joy of praying with young men to receive Jesus on Christmas Day morning. This is God's grace.

Good Friday and Easter services were marked by God's presence. The Kids Choir, worship interns, worship team, band, orchestra and choir filled the stage and led us in our celebration of Jesus' resurrection. What impressed me and many others was the engagement of our congregation in worship throughout the four services. As the bride of Christ, we were enthusiastically lifting high the beautiful name of our Savior and Lord. This is God's grace.

As lead pastor, I oversee the preaching team and preaching schedule. Last summer, we walked through the life of Abraham, a faith journey. In the fall, we had the privilege of studying the implications of the gospel, based on Paul's letter to the Ephesians. We grappled with what it means to be a united, equipping church. We wrestled with the implications of the gospel for marriage, family and workplace relationships. We equipped ourselves for spiritual battle. Paul's letters are intensely practical. This is God's grace.

In the New Year, we asked the question, "Who is Jesus?" Jesus is everything from the great "I AM" to the one who is coming soon. He truly is all in all. This focus on Jesus led us into a series on how to live out the gospel in our day as a Willingdon family. As disciples of Jesus, we desire to lift high the name of Jesus (Exalt), share the good news of peace in Jesus (Evangelize), gather in authentic community around Jesus (Engage), pass on what we have received from Jesus (Equip) and encourage every disciple to follow Jesus' calling on their lives (Empower). This is God's grace.

Willingdon 5 E Ministry Model

As lead pastor, I have also sought to facilitate the conversation around God's vision for the Willingdon church family in this new season. Elders, team leaders and pastors have developed the church's ministry philosophy. Leaders have been invited to dessert nights to provide feedback and contribute to the shaping of the go forward vision. The enthusiastic participation in these evening conversations has been immensely helpful and instructive for our leadership team. This is God's grace.

Jesus called us to be a "house of prayer for all nations." We are growing in this direction. Our staff team has separated days for fasting and prayer. Our pastoral team and staff gather for prayer every Saturday and Sunday prior to services for prayer. We have had regular worship and prayer services for the entire congregation. Prayer groups gather in different places and moments. As we pray, God hears us. As we pray, God shares his heart with us. As we pray, we live out our oneness in Christ. This is God's grace.

We have much reason for gratitude. May we give God all the glory and enjoy him forever.

- Lead Pastor - Pastor Ray Harms -Wiebe -

Ministry Philosophy

Our Church

A church family that loves Jesus

Willingdon Church is a community of believers whose purpose is to "know Jesus Christ personally and carry on His ministry". We are a multicultural, multigenerational church which reflects the diversity of our city. As His disciples, we desire to lift high the name of Jesus (Exalt), share the good news of salvation in Jesus (Evangelize), gather in community around Jesus (Engage), pass on what we have received from Jesus (Equip) and encourage others to following Jesus' calling on their lives (Empower).

50% of our church lives in Burnaby 4370 average weekly attendance

We are a multicultural church reaching people in many languages

Willingdon Church is a multicultural church reflecting the nature of the community around us in the Metro Vancouver Area. While the majority are comfortable using English as their preferred language when worshipping with us; we recognize there are others in our congregation who understand the Bible better in their heart language. We actively try to ensure everyone can worship together as one family.

155 Translation units used during services

Translation units used during services

20% of congregation listen to services in another language

of our congregation prefer listening to services in another language other than English

8 Sermons translated into 8 languages live during services

Sermons translated into 8 languages live during services

preferred language listening preference of our congregation

  • 80% English
  • 7% Mandarin
  • 4% Korean
  • 4% Cantonese
  • 2% Filipino
  • 1% Spanish
  • 1% Russian
  • 1% other

Cantonese, Filipino, French,
Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese,
Romanian, Russian, Spanish,

Willingdon Church has 9 official language ministries

We are a multigenerational church

One of the great joys of being part of Willingdon Church, is people in all seasons of life can find a home here. Married, single, men, and women, and multiple generations of believers worship side by side. From individuals who have never heard about Jesus to those who have walked with the Lord for decades, we as a family can encourage one another in our faith.

"70-100 people who come to our church for service
each weekend are non-believers"

Registered in the Database


Total people actively
involved registered in our database


Members of Willingdon

Members of Willingdon Church are individuals who have completed the Discovering the Church Family class, affirmed the membership covenant and have, either by baptism or confession of faith, declared their faith in Jesus Christ.


Active Attendees

In general, an active attendee is a non-member who has been involved in one of our ministries in the last year.

Diverse Age Groups at Willingdon Church
Age Breakdown of Adults at Willingdon Graphed
41% Men & 59% women

68% of congregation is married

32% of congregation are single

Length of time individuals have attended Willingdon Church
12% less than a year, 22% 1-3 year, 16% 4-6 years, 14% 7-10 years, 36% 10+ years

Global & Local Outreach

Global & Local Outreach



Global Outreach

"How can every believer at Willingdon Church be inspired, equipped and positioned to engage passionately and effectively in God's mission?" This is a question that our Global/Local Outreach team asks regularly. What is God calling you to? Are you available and willing to be obedient to His call? We desire to serve you as you explore God's invitation to you to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19)

Global Outreach Projects Sponsored
Outreach Projects Sponsored
Willingdon on Missions 2016-2017
long term missionaries, short term teams and bursary around the world

James & Maki Buss
Buss Family Deployed To Japan

The Buss Family deployed to Japan! In December 2016, James, Maki & Matthew Buss moved to the Tokyo area, where James is serving as Finance Manager for OMF, assisting 120 OMF missionaries in Japan. Maki is involved with helping Japanese people who become believers while abroad continue to grow in their faith when back in Japan. A huge thank you to the Willingdon family for sending out this family with prayer and financial support.

Compassion Canada

In October 2016, we launched a new partnership with Compassion Canada. 4126 people had an experiential glimpse of Compassion's ministry through the Compassion Mobile Experience. 377 children got sponsors during the weekend, including 143 from a cluster of Compassion Centers in Fortaleza, Brazil. This is one accessible way that many of the people in our church family can engage in God's mission, and in relationship with a child who can use your encouragement and prayers. If you haven't sponsored a child yet, please consider it.

CompassionCanda Logo

Mission Circle





School Kits



Hygiene Kits



New Born Kits

Local Outreach

Our desire is that Willingdon will serve our surrounding community eagerly and actively, sharing the love and gospel of Jesus intentionally with the people of Greater Vancouver. This year we added support in this area and many ministries contributed to help build bridges in the community fostering growth in our relationships.

Burnaby Family Life

Willingdon created Christmas hampers for 75 families
(including 20 for teen moms) with teddy bears for
children in each one


Teddy bears distributed to children at Christmas

Festival of Hope

90 people from Willingdon served
as Festival of Hope counsellors
and many other volunteers.


Individuals who committed their life to Jesus at the Festival of Hope were followed up by Willingdon

Journey Home Community

"We have been so grateful for the partnership of Willingdon Church as we assist newly arriving refugee claimant families in Metro Vancouver. Through small groups and individual volunteer opportunities, some 90 people from Willingdon have touched Journey Home Community and our families in the past year. This strong display of involvement and generous financial support have all contributed to fulfilling Jesus' call to "welcome the stranger."

Burnaby Task Force for Homelessness

"Willingdon Church has supported the work of the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness/Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby for many years, by providing: a venue, refreshments, translation, volunteers, and clothing donations. This multi-pronged support is greatly appreciated and provides practical assistance to further this work with Burnaby citizens living in extreme poverty and homelessness."

Burnaby Family Life

" Willingdon has supported the different groups of families who are underprivileged as they came along side with Burnaby Family Life. Burnaby Family Life is very grateful to have our program participants: (young parents, single mothers, kids at risk, refugees), receive support from Willingdon during the past year. The aid and the blessings shared by Willingdon have helped them in their desperate times and made huge differences in their lives. It reminded them that hope does exist and comes from different scopes in life."

Prayer Requests
  • Please join us at 10:02AM each day to pray Luke 10:2, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."
  • Please pray for upcoming short-term teams.
  • Missionary Care. Our team has been asking “How is the Lord calling us to care for our long-term missionary team in this next season?” Please pray for wisdom.
  • Pray as we continue to discern how the Willingdon Church family can engage effectively in Greater Vancouver with various community organizations.
  • Pray for the continued strengthening of the unity of the Church body in the Lower Mainland.
  • Pray for wisdom on how to support and assist those in need and the hurting in the surrounding community.

- Team Leader Local & Global Outreach - Pastor John Best -

Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Ministries exist to cultivate disciple-making followers of Jesus, by fostering significant biblical relationships where people can experience spiritual growth with in a genuine biblical community

Discovery Ministries

Discovery is Willingdon's open door for seekers and new believers to ask questions and learn about Jesus and His Church. Through careful study of God's Word, Discovery helps people to find answers to life's most important questions and add meaning to the story of their life.

Prayer Request: that students will grow in their new relationship with Jesus as they continue to live their life to the glory of God.

837 individuals enrolled in Discovery & 78 teaching teams

Small Groups

Weekday programs offer families further opportunities to grow in the knowledge and obedience of Christ. A variety of special events and programs are designed to captivate and engage hearts and minds so that the seeds of the Gospel can take root and grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Request: for our 189 leaders and hosts to shepherd well. They are often stretched thin and need strength from the Lord to carry on. Pray for wisdom for our leaders to manage their time and priorities well. Also, pray for those with brokenness and mental health challenges in small groups. Pray for wisdom and resources to shepherd people well.

129 Small Groups, 1476 people in small groups

Marriage Ministries

The Marriage Ministry seeks to help couples begin marriages with God's good purposes in mind, and to help them discover and succeed in living out their marriage as a God-given, life-long arena for genuine growth in discipleship.

Marriage Ministries

Men's Ministries

Men's Ministry seeks to build up men by helping them discover their identity in Christ and the freedom they have in Christ so that they can be fruitful in their various God-given roles. We believe this building up needs to take place within the context of significant biblical relationships that are committed to discipleship and accountability.

Men's Ministries

Women's Ministries

Willingdon Women exists to equip women "for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12). We strive to know God more by studying His Word and fellowshipping as a community so that His Name will be made known among the saved and unsaved.

Women Ministries

Willingdon School of the Bible

"To equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. " Eph. 4:12. WSB is a ministry of Willingdon Church dedicated to providing strong biblical foundations and clear understanding of the Bible that inspires a life-long pursuit of truth as revealed in the Word of God, and to prepare people for a life of ministry investment.

Willingdon School of the Bible

Prayer Requests

- Team Leader Discipleship - Pastor Ray Harms -Wiebe -

Student Ministries

Student Ministries

The Student Ministries department of Willingdon Church is a dynamic ministry made up of four elements; High Voltage (grades 6&7), Riptide (grades 8-10), Encounter (grades 11&12) and Generate 9(ages 18-30). We are here to:

HighVoltage Logo

High Voltage
Grades 6 & 7

Riptide Logo

Grades 8, 9 & 10

Encounter Logo

Grades 11 & 12


Age 18+

Students come to faith and are growing, maturing and leading

 Accepted Christ


Indicated that they accepted Christ

Students moving forward


Students involved in serving or student leadership
( Grades 6- college)

Bus Moving Forward


Students part of a summer missions trip
( Harrison Hot Springs or Soar Vancouver)

"This year we had a focus on developing our student leader teams especially in High Voltage and Encounter. It was great seeing so many students wanting to serve and lead. "

214 Attend Fall Retreat

Attended Fall Retreats this Year

274 & 163 attendees

Average Weekend & Weekday Attendance

154 Attended Summer Camp

Attended Summer Adventure Camps

Beyond the Youth Centre

Student Ministries reaches out and connects with students beyond the walls of Willingdon, creating opportunities for students to be impacted by the message of Jesus Christ in our community.


3025 Hotdogs

served at Burnaby public schools with our "Hotdog Heroes" program

Canadian Youth Workers Conference

Hosted 400+

student leaders from across the country for the Canadian Youth Workers Conference


200 athletes

from Moscrop were celebrated at their Sports Banquet hosted by Willingdon

Prayer Requests

- Team Leader Student Ministries - Pastor Mark Janzen -

Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries

The purpose of WillingdonKids is for kids and their families to know Jesus Christ personally and to carry on His ministry. As primary spiritual caregivers in the home, we endeavour to equip parents and families to raise children who KNOW Jesus as Saviour and Lord; GROW daily in the knowledge and love of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit; and GO into and throughout the world, boldly and obediently proclaiming who He is and what He's done.

Weekend Ministry Highlights

Our core weekend programs continue to lovingly care for and teach the youngest and littlest members of each household. Each program provides opportunities for worship, prayer, open-Bible teaching, discussion and application in meaningful, age-appropriate ways. Take-home papers and devotional guides bring the teaching and the learning into the everyday lives of each family member.

Nursery Logo

Age 0-2

Preschool Logo

Age 2-4

Clubhouse Logo

K-Grade 1

HQ logo

Grade 2-5

Imagine logo

Children with
Special Needs


average kids each weekend

442 kids graphic

"... [HQ last weekend] instilled the value of prayer in those young hearts... my son was prayed for [his classmate going through difficult medical treatments] in his family prayer "

"...it is real "church" for [our boys] in every way at their level- teaching, worship, fellowship, prayer - we are very thankful. "

"...[my kids] came home talking about how good the lesson was. But better yet, my kids are still talking about it tonight..."

"[one student of mine] came up to me and he asked me how he could accept Jesus into his heart. I went over the Gospel, and prayed with him and he gave his life to Jesus. One of my best days in recent memory"

Weekday Ministry Highlights

Weekday programs offer families further opportunities to grow in the knowledge and obedience of Christ. A variety of special events and programs are designed to captivate and engage hearts and minds so that the seeds of the Gospel can take root and grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.



Girls and Leaders meet for GEMS on Wednesdays



Scouts and Leaders participate in Cubs, Beavers and Scouts



Leaders and Children with special needs participate in night out once a month

"...I am also blessed with the various parent meetings/testimonies as they serve as a spiritual guide and role model for us. The opportunity given to us to talk to other parents is really valuable as we learned so much from them "

"J. loves to attend Imagine and often asked me on week days if I see him, "kids church?" ... he reads many of the children's bible storyies by himself. I know he is taking in so much more than he appeares when he is at Imagine. J. and I are blessed to be included in a small part of all you do."

Prayer Requests

- Director of Children's Ministries - Jonathan Caramay -

Worship & MAC

Worship and MAC

The Worship & Music ministries desire to lead our church into the presence of the Lord where we can worship Him -- from a heart of truth and thanksgiving for He alone is worthy of our praise. This area of ministry encompasses the worship through music for our weekend services, special and seasonal musical and dramatic presentations, and all technical and media support including the church website willingdon.org


The music ministry leads our church family into meaningful worship as part of our weekend services and special events. This includes the approx. 200 people who serve in the choir, orchestra, bands, worship teams and interns.

attended Christmas Production


Attended the Christmas Production

Worship Interns


Worship Interns trained to date

Volunteers involved in Easter Services


Kids choir, orchestra and tech team members involved in Easter worship services


The Media & Communications team provides technical support for our services and special events as well as maintaining equipment throughout the facility. This includes our volunteer tech team providing support for our weekend services, in all venues and the website.

Tech Team


Volunteers run cameras, mixers and sound equipment for our weekend services



people attended Easter Weekend services

Baptism Videos


Baptism testimony videos filmed & edited


The world is welcomed through our website 24/7. Our website keeps our church informed on events, weekend services, and programs going on and helps us share them with others through social media.



Visited the website in 2016

New Visitors


of visitors to the website are new

International Visits


different countries from which visitors originated from


of the church use the website

Web Uses

Prayer Requests

- Team Leader Worship & MAC - Pastor Ron Clark -

Administration & Operations

Administration & Operations

The Administration and Operations team provides support services to all of the ministries. This includes finance, office, human resources, communications, information technology, events, food services and building maintenance. As a team, we feel privileged and blessed to serve in the roles that we do "behind the scenes" and praise God for the opportunity to serve Him, His people and His church.


2017 Budget

The general fund budget for 2017 was set at $6.2 million. A of April 30th, 2017, our donations are currently at $1,851,750 or 29.6% of budget.

42.8%Admin, Ops, Facilities, 1.6% capital, 39.1% Pastoral Ministries, 16.5% Global Missions and community outreach, total $6258000

2016 Giving Statistics

Donation by the numbers

Giving for 2016
($6,330,654 )

2968 Donors

Offering Bag

$2378 average annual donation

33,090 donations processed
( average of $202 )

58% of all donations are given electronically
( Internet, Interac & ABW )

Tithing is an act of worship, where we exalt Him by supporting our home church with one tenth of our annual income.

On behalf of the Finance Committee, we thank you for your continued financial support and generous giving.

% of dollars contributed to the budget by monthly giving average
3% of givers contribute 27% of Total Budget, 27% give 63% and 60%give 10%
Giving Statistics 2006 -2016

2016 $6,274,385
Attendance Statistics 2006 -2016 ( adults only )

2016 average weekly attendance

Attendance Graphic

Events and Food Services

The weekend café and special events are used for outreach, to support our community, to share life together, encourage one another and most of all to share the gospel.

Everyone loves food! The Food Services ministry, including the café and events welcomes everyone with warm hearts and open arms who would like to serve in this ministry. This year over 30 new volunteers joined the team and three of our new volunteers accepted Jesus this year!

Maintenance & Facilities

Willingdon Church is a building used for HIS glory, it is approximately 150,000 square feet with 187 different rooms.

Landscaping: WC goes through two major planting installs annually to beautify HIS grounds. Approximately 8000 flowers are planted each year.

Safety: To ensure our staff and church wide service volunteers are prepared for emergencies, two evacuation training sessions and fire drills are conducted each year. It was a cold snowy winter, breaking snowfall records since 1946! Parking attendants, members, and the staff all pitched in to spread salt and shovel sidewalks to ensure the safety of those coming to church


The graphic art and designed materials at Willingdon Church are created and printed in house to best use the churches resources. It is the aim of the communications department to ensure our creativity presents His story in a way that honours the ultimate Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ .

Room Bookings


room bookings

Special Events


people attended one of the 217 special events

Cafe Meals


weekend meals served in the cafe


3600 cups

of coffee served each weekend



lineal feet of paper towels


4 tons

of salt used during winter snow storms



Flowers planted to beautify the church grounds


216 tons

of equipment moved in and out of the Connection



Info Cards & Sermon Notes Printed

Prayer Requests

- Team Leader Admin & Ops - Executive Director, Penny Fuchihara -


Thank You


Volunteers play a key role in the ministries of Willingdon using their unique personalities, gifts and passions.

Without the tireless efforts of our faithful volunteers we would not be able to serve the ministries of Willingdon Church. They are a vital part of our ministries and we are grateful for our partnership with them in serving our Lord and Savior at Willingdon Church. On behalf of the Team Leaders, we praise God for our volunteers in every ministry and thank them for their faithful service!

"For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints, I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him."

- Ephesians 1:15-17

Serving in a ministry from 2011 to 2017
32% serving in 2011, 45% serving in 2017


Over the past 6 years serving participation has increased by 13%


of church members and attendees are serving in a ministry.

1541 unique volunteers in 88 volunteer ministries volunteer icon=10

Serving in 1 or more ministry


Serving in 1 ministry

serve in 1 or more ministries


Serving in 2 ministry

serve in 2 or more ministries


Serving in 3 ministry

serve in 3 or more ministries


Serving in 4 ministry

serve in 4 or more ministries


Serving in 5 ministry

serve in 5 or more ministries

Areas of Serving
Serving in Different Areas

Pastor and Staff

Our pastoral and staff team is comprised of gifted men and women who faithfully serve at Willingdon Church. On behalf of Pastor Ray and the Team Leaders we are grateful for their dedication, commitment and the pure joy of serving alongside each other as a team of brothers and sisters in Christ. Please continue to pray for all of our teams, their families and their ministries as we serve for God's glory.


To our congregation, on behalf of our pastors and staff we thank you for your ongoing love, support, affirmation and prayers. We feel blessed for the privilege of serving you and our Lord and Savior at Willingdon Church. To God be the glory!

- Executive Director- Penny Fuchihara -


Lives Changed

Ken Francis Video

Ken Francis


Helyca Da Silva Video

Helyca Da Silva

Lana Gee Video

Lana Gee

Darian Stannyk Video

Darian Stannyk

Stephen Kan Video

Stephen Kan

Merle Bennent Video

Merle Bennent

John Patricell Video

John Patricell

Jeff Svanhill Video

Jeff Svanhill

Herique Maquedia Video

Henrique Maquedia