This past season has marked another year of transition at Willingdon. When I reflect on the changes, both the joyful and the difficult, I am reminded that God is in control. He is sovereign in all things. He deeply loves His bride, the church, and is refining and building this body for His glory and to present us as unblemished when He returns.

One of the biggest highlights of this year was the hiring of Ray Harms-Wiebe as our lead pastor. Ray and his wife Judy have been a huge blessing to us over the past year as they shared their gifts with us in ministry. Now with the expanded mandate to lead, Ray has been guiding us in seeking what God has in store for Willingdon in the coming months and years.

When embarking on any vision for the future, it is proper for us to honour our past. God has been gracious to Willingdon and done great works among His people here. As we move forward, we expect to see God building on the foundation He has laid in us to continue to grow His kingdom. However it is also proper to look at the past and change where we have fallen short.

One such area we would like to acknowledge is that we have not communicated clearly the decisions we have made as elders. For this we humbly ask for your forgiveness. To start correcting this, we have begun to send out more information to small group leaders in and around significant events that happen at Willingdon.

We have also fallen short in engaging the congregation so you have enough input into your church. We want to involve you in shaping the vision and the application of daily church life at Willingdon. From the contents of this year’s ministry reports and the presentation at the Annual Ministries Meeting, we hope you will get a clear sense of what the elders and pastors believe is the vision that God is calling us to in this season. Pastor Ray will share more details on where we as elders and pastors believe we are going as a church for His glory, and where you can be involved in the journey.

On behalf of the elders, we thank you for your prayers and support for this past year. Please continue to be in prayer that God would give us wisdom as we seek to honour and obey Him as we serve our Lord and Saviour.

Ken Dyck
Moderator of Elders

I want to begin by expressing gratitude to the many people at Willingdon who have prayed for Judy, me, and the church during this time of transition. God is steadfast in His love and always faithful. My prayer for Willingdon is found in the words of the Apostle Paul: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope” (Romans 15:13). As we trust in God, He fills us with His joy and we are enabled, by the Holy Spirit, to live with more hope than we need for today and the future.

As team leaders and elders have met and prayed over the past few months, we have sensed God giving us a new hope for the furtherance of His kingdom through Willingdon Church. This new hope is sourced in God Himself and remembers the foundations laid by previous generations in the areas of worship, prayer, the Word of God, evangelism, elder leadership, small groups, and global mission.

We have spent many hours discerning the four sides of our sandbox (see diagram): why we exist (our mission statement), who we are (our preferred culture), how we will work together (our guiding principles) and what every member needs to do every day (our central ministry focus) for God’s mission to be accomplished. The sandbox is a metaphor utilized to provide a framework for ministry, bring clarity to body life, and empower members for service.

Both elders and team leaders unanimously affirmed the Willingdon Church mission statement: “To know Jesus Christ personally and to carry on His ministry.” It succinctly communicates the essence of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In this season of the church’s life, elders and pastors believe that God is calling us to be “a transformational community that lives on mission.” As we grow in our relationship with Christ and each other, we will be transformed by God. As God transforms us, we will serve as a transformational community in the world. We all are to live on mission, wherever we are, whether here locally or globally.

Within this overall vision (where are we going), elders and pastors have affirmed four vision pieces (building blocks). First, we feel called to be a house of prayer for all nations. Individually and corporately, we are to be the dwelling place of God. This entails living lives of worship, submission to the Word of God, repentance, prayer for each other, and intercession for the world. This is where the calling of God will be fueled by the Spirit of God.

Second, we reaffirm that every member of the household should be equipped for ministry. Discovery classes and Willingdon School of the Bible continue to be highly valued. We also desire to strengthen the equipping of members for hands-on ministry in alignment with their spiritual gifting. These ministries include prayer, evangelism, discipleship, shepherding, teaching, and preaching.

Third, we see that the world has come to Willingdon Church and Willingdon’s neighbourhood, Metro Vancouver (48% of attendees are from Burnaby). We believe that God is calling us to reach the neighbourhood through local mission initiatives on school campuses, community centres and immigrant communities through kingdom partnerships. We want to be the hands, feet, eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the Lord in Metro Vancouver.

Fourth, elders and pastors believe God is calling us to establish new gathering places for the family (church planting/campuses). In order to live out this vision, we will invest in the people who attend the church at 4812 Willingdon Avenue. By spending time in prayer and equipping every member for service, we will prepare ourselves for the doors God will open in the coming months and years. When they do open, we will walk through them united and filled with joy.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the preaching team. Each week we have met for prayer, resourcing, weekend sermon evaluation, and forthcoming sermon preview and analysis. We take the ministry entrusted to us very seriously. Because we gather around the biblical text, seeking to understand its original meaning and discussing what it might mean for us in our day, I believe we preach with greater confidence in the Lord and greater faithfulness to His Word. Our desire is to preach the whole counsel of God for the edification of the whole body of Christ.

As we study the Scriptures together and hear the Word of the Lord, may our hearts be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, may we grow in our love for God and each other, and may we be empowered to be His ambassadors in the world, for HIS glory.

Ray Harms-Wiebe
Lead Pastor

Willingdon Church is a community of believers whose purpose is to know Jesus Christ personally and carry on His ministry. We are a multi-cultural, multi-generational church which reflects the diversity of our city. We are passionate about sharing the gospel, saving the lost and discipling believers to grow in their faith through prayer, worship, preaching, studying, fellowship, care, and serving.

The purpose of Willingdon’s Outreach ministries is to carry out the ministry of proclaiming the gospel locally, regionally and around the world. Together alongside other organizations, we partner in our mission statement with a gifted team of long term missionaries, opportunities to serve on a short-term mission, and many opportunities to pray, learn, and give to missions.

Discipleship ministries exist to cultivate disciple-making disciples, by fostering significant biblical relationships where people can experience their spiritual growth with other Jesus followers in a genuine biblical community. Various classes are also offered to strengthen believers and encourage them as they grow in knowledge of the one true God.

Adult Ministries exists for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ, helping people come to faith in Jesus, and to think biblically and practically about what it means to follow Him in today's world.

Student Ministries is divided into four elements; High Voltage (grades 6-7), Riptide (grades 8-10), Encounter (grades 11-12), and Generate (ages 18-25). Not only has the length of adolescence grown over the past years but changes and issues seem to be coming at a faster pace. In Student Ministries we try to target each element for what they are experiencing at the moment. Our goal is to REACH them with the good news of Jesus, CONNECT them to God, each other, and the larger church, help them GROW to be self-feeding disciples, discover their gifts to be able to SERVE in the church and community, and HONOUR God with their lives living to make God grin.

At WillingdonKids, our goal is for kids and their families to know Jesus Christ personally and to carry on His ministry. We believe that parents and families are the primary spiritual care givers. To this end, our hope is to come alongside you to raise children who KNOW Jesus as Saviour and Lord, GROW daily in the knowledge and love of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and GO into and through the world, boldly and obediently proclaiming who He is and what He’s done.

The goal of our Worship & Music ministries is to lead our church into the presence of the Lord where we can worship Him -- from a heart of truth and thanksgiving for He alone is worthy of our praise. This area of ministry encompasses the worship through music for our weekend services, special and seasonal musical and dramatic presentations; and all technical and media support including the church website

The Administration and Operations team provides the support services to all of the ministries. This includes finance, office, human resources, communications, information technology, events, food services, and building maintenance. As a team we feel privileged and blessed to serve in the roles that we do “behind the scenes” and praise God for the opportunity to serve Him, His people, and His church.

Without the tireless efforts of our faithful volunteers, we would not be able to serve the ministries at Willingdon Church. They are a vital part of our ministries and we are grateful for our partnership with them in serving our Lord and Savior at Willingdon Church. On behalf of the Team Leaders, we praise God for our volunteers in every ministry and thank them for their faithful service!

Our pastoral and staff team is comprised of gifted men and women who faithfully serve at Willingdon Church. On behalf of the Team Leaders we are grateful for their dedication, commitment, and the pure joy of serving alongside each other as a team and brothers and sisters in Christ. Please continue to pray for all of our teams, their families, and their ministries as we serve for God’s glory.

To our congregation, on behalf of our pastors and staff we thank you for your ongoing love, support, affirmation, and prayers. We feel blessed for the privilege of serving you and our Lord and Savior at Willingdon Church. To God be the glory!!!

Penny Fuchihara
Executive Director

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