Christian Leadership Practices

How do churches develop leaders who are growing in their love for Jesus and their ability to serve with excellence? This course will help learners grow as Christian leaders and give them practical tools for helping others in their leadership development. Learners will explore how to strengthen six key Christian leadership practices: 1) cultivating a growing relationship with God, 2) developing godly character, 3) discerning and living out personal calling, 4) growing deep community, 5) building healthy teams, and 6) strengthening key leadership skills.

Course Outcomes

This course will help learners:
  • Formulate a theology of leadership that undergirds their approach to missional leadership and serves as a grid for assessing the appropriateness of leadership practices.
  • Appraise their personal strengths and growth areas particularly related to their ability to lead.
  • Design and begin implementing a robust personal growth plan that will encourage long-term sustainable growth.
  • Assess their own style of leadership and gain an appreciation for other styles of leadership.


Randy Wollf, Ph.D 
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Leadership and Practical Theology
Randy loves to build capacity through leadership coaching and innovative, visionary leadership. He is passionate about serving churches and other organizations as they seek to make a maximum impact for Christ. In addition to teaching and seminary leadership, Randy has also served as a pastor, church planting missionary, and business entrepreneur.