Community Clean Up


As followers of Christ, we are to be good stewards, which means managing the things God has given to us.  God created us to have dominion over all His creation and to take care of everything He created.  One way of being good stewards is taking an interest in keeping it clean and praying over our communities.

Organizing a neighbourhood clean up and prayer walk is a fun activity and a great way to connect with others.  Upon receiving a large donation of community clean up supplies, the church wants everyone to have access to the supplies and encourages you to organize a cleanup in your neighbourhood.  We have buckets, garbage prongs, and gloves that we want to give to you to keep.  All you need to provide is garbage bags and the removal of the collected garbage. 

A few things to consider when planning:

  1. Choose a location to pick up garbage and prayer walk
  2. Choose a date and time
  3. Read the Prayer Walk attachment
  4. Connect with friends, neighbours or Life Group
  5. Let Michelle ( know your plans and when you want to pick up the supplies.

Click image to download prayer walk guide.


Note: Community Clean ups are run and organized by individuals in the congregation. 
Willingdon Church is not liable for the cleanups and we encourage everyone to be careful when doing cleanups.