Willingdon Church Data Privacy And Security

In 2020/21 Willingdon Church is switching to a new Church Management System (ChMS) called Planning Center. As a church staff family, we want to give you a fuller picture of why we chose Planning Center and an explanation as to our church data needs

Our need for a Church Management System (ChMS)

As both a BC Registered Society and a CRA Registered Charity, Willingdon Church has obligations regarding privacy and record keeping. ChMS helps organizations, like ours, fulfill our legal obligations to keep track of necessary data concerning donations, tax receipts, membership, criminal record checks, etc. Using an online management system is now the standard way large churches keep records. It also helps us communicate with and care for our congregation, as it streamlines important processes such as volunteer coordination, event registrations, group sign up, tax receipt distribution, and event attendance.

Selection of Planning Center

For over two years, the front office team has been carefully investigating and testing various other ChMS systems. In our opinion Planning Center is the most effective and efficient ChMS that meets Willingdon’s administrative need to manage documents, registrations, and processes. The Planning Center developers have been very responsive and open to our feedback and are frequently implementing new features and actively looking for ways to improve their system.

Planning Center streamlines how you as an attendee or member interacts with our church, including child check-in, follow up for membership/baptism, and pastoral/prayer calls. In the coming months, volunteer scheduling, group sign up, and how tax returns are being delivered will also be enhanced as Willingdon implements new applications where you will experience new tools and more interactive communication between you and our church.

Privacy and Security of Information

We take privacy and security of information very seriously at Willingdon Church. Our staff team has taken time to learn and will continue to grow and maintain a privacy-respectful culture at Willingdon Church. The two main concerns with data privacy are what is collected and how it is stored. We collect profile information, information relevant to ministry tasks, and keep track of historical giving, serving and event attendance. For more details, please click on the Data Collection, Privacy Policy and Data Storage links below. You can also read Planning Center’s documentation on security and privacy here.

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