Willingdon Church Data Storage


Willingdon Church Data Storage

Willingdon Church uses Planning Center to manage the information technology requirements of the church. It was chosen after much extensive research and is considered “best of breed” for church management software.

Although it is developed and maintained by an American company, it is heavily used in both the United States and Canada. The software uses “Cloud” architecture for the data, which is a growing trend in the software industry. This entails having our data stored off-site, in servers located in the United States. Cloud storage has the advantage of providing Willingdon Church with secure, uninterrupted access to its data, without having to build expensive infrastructure to support and manage it. The one challenge to this data storage solution is that the financial and demographic information of those that call Willingdon Church their home church, give or volunteer at Willingdon Church, is stored on servers in the United States. Due to the USA Freedom Act (which replaced the USA Patriot Act) in that country, the US government could ask for and be granted access to this information.

Willingdon Church recognizes its responsibility in ensuring that we are a diligent steward of the information entrusted to us. It is important to note:

  1. Willingdon Church is aware of and works to remain in compliance with all data security regulations, instituted by both the Federal and Provincial Governments. Although the BC government recommends that BC companies and organizations store their Cloud data in Canada, there is no legal requirement to do so. (see Personal Information and Protection Act or PIPA- link below)
  2. Willingdon Church will continue to advocate for Canadian churches using Planning Center to be given the option to have their data stored in Canada.
  3. Planning Center has never had a request from the US government to grant access to information since its launch in 2007.

These issues have been presented to the Board of Elders of Willingdon Church and the benefits and risks have been considered.

Willingdon Church deeply cares about privacy and data security.  If you have further questions about this topic please feel free to contact us at office@willingdon.org


For more information about the Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA):
BC Guide to PIPA