We help people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and guide others to Jesus.


Jesus' followers often speak about being a disciple or about being involved in discipleship. A disciple is simply someone who follows a teacher, in our case we follow Jesus. To be a disciple of Jesus simply means that we follow Jesus, are being changed by Jesus and guide others to Jesus.

Our greatest desire is to see you meet Jesus, grow in your relationship with Him and to find an authentic community to do life together. On this page you will find 3 downloadable tools to help you kickstart or deepen your spiritual journey.

The Discipleship Pathway outlines the 4-phase discipleship journey. You can use it to self-assess where you are on your journey with Jesus and what possible next steps you could take to grow in your relationship with Him.

The Bible Reading Journal provides a bible reading plan and a guideline to help you interact with what you’re reading and how to write it down to retain what you’re learning.

The Discipleship Group aims to facilitate a peer-based, same-gender group of 2-5
people who want to be intentional about their growth and perseverance as disciples of Jesus.


ASCENT is an annual leadership development conference at Willingdon Church. It is designed to help all of us who lead or would like to lead at Willingdon Church to increase the leadership capacity. Thank you for your investment and commitment to growing as a leader.




Prayer Life of a Leader

Ascent 2019 Prayer Life of a Leader

Leading from the inside out

Ascent 2020: Leading from the inside out

Living From the Inside Out

Ascent 2021: Living From the Inside Out


Pastor Willy wreimer@willingdon.org [Team Leader, Men, Women, Alpha, Internship]
Pastor Isaac ilee@willingdon.org [Marriage, Discovery, Healing Discipleship]
Pastor Brad bbates@willingdon.org [Groups, Community Engagement]
Pastor Jordan jchanin@willingdon.org [Young Adults (ages 18-24), Prayer]

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