Discipleship Pathway

Willingdon's Discipleship Pathway is a resource to help each of us follow Jesus, be changed by Him and guide others to Jesus. We invite you into a journey of spiritual discovery and spiritual growth in community with others.

Discipleship Pathway

What is Discipleship?

Followers of Jesus often speak about being a disciple or about being involved in discipleship. A disciple is someone who follows a teacher, and to be a disciple of Jesus simply means that we follow Jesus, are being changed by Jesus, and guide others to Jesus.

Our greatest desire is to see you meet Jesus, grow in your relationship with Him, and find an authentic community to do life together. On this page you will find downloadable tools to help you grow in your spiritual journey.

Discipleship Pathway

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Willingdon exists to guide all who call this church home to “know Jesus Christ personally and to carry on His ministry.”

“Knowing Jesus personally” is a description of a relationship that begins when we choose to respond to His grace and follow Him. The second half of Willingdon’s mission “to carry on His ministry” expresses our desire to live out the truths Jesus taught and to live out the life He invites us to live. It is putting our relationship with Jesus into action.

But how do we go about knowing how to respond and live in this way?

What is the Discipleship Pathway?

The Discipleship Pathway was developed as a 4-phase pathway to help you identify where you are in the journey of knowing Jesus personally and following Him. The questions we’ve developed around each step of the pathway will help you identify your place in your spiritual journey

It is an amazing adventure and we’re here to walk with you to find answers to your questions and to grow your understanding of what it means to know and follow Jesus and to love people like Jesus loves people.

We use the Explorer, Hiker, Climber and Guide to help define each of these phases in our journey

This is a great resource for you if you have questions like:

  • Will I find friends here?
  • Will I find answers to my faith questions?
  • Will this community walk with me through the challenges I face?
  • Will I meet people who will help me discover who Jesus is and what a relationship with Him looks like?
  • Will I be able to grow in my faith and understanding of God here?



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I’m curious – what is Christianity about?

  • I’m wondering who Jesus is and why people worship Him.
  • I’m checking out Christianity and I am not sure if I want to commit to following Jesus.
  • I have questions about faith and need answers.
  • I’m wondering how people who claim to follow Jesus behave.

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If you classify yourself as an EXPLORER, the best place for you to connect could be in an Alpha or a “Discovering Jesus” group. These group experiences will help answer your questions in a setting where others have questions similar to yours.

You may also want to join a Community Group that meets regularly to develop relationships with other Willingdon folks in a more social atmosphere. Community Groups aim to help you connect with others by giving you an opportunity to meet new people and to join a Life or Discipleship Group.

Areas you might be interested in:

  • Discovery Group is a group consisting of 6-10 people who meet weekly on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings to discuss the topics listed in the Discovering Series.
  • An Alpha Group is an opportunity to explore life, faith, and God in a friendly and open environment where you can explore answers to your questions about Christianity, and build relationships with others who are also seeking answers.
  • A Community Group is a group consisting of 20+ people who gather regularly to worship, serve their communities and help new people get connected.



Discipleship Pathway Hiker

I’ve made a decision to follow Jesus, but I don’t know what that involves

  • I’m learning the basics of what I need to know to follow Jesus.
  • I’m looking to understand foundational practices like how to read my Bible, how to pray, and how grace transforms my life.
  • I’m joining a group that is growing in faith together.

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If you have decided to trust Jesus as the One who forgave your sin, removed your shame, and gave you victory over death – you’ve made a very important, life-changing decision!

If you classify yourself as a HIKER, there are many great groups for you to connect with: join a Community Group, a Life Group, a Discipleship Group, and/or a Discovery Group!

Areas you might be interested in as a hiker:

  • A Discovery Group is a group consisting of 6-10 people who meet weekly on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings to discuss the topics listed in the Discovering Series.
    • You may want to learn more about the implications of your life-changing decision by taking a group such as Discovering a Walk with Jesus or Discovering Baptism.
    • You may be interested in discovering the spiritual gifts God has given you and finding your place of service in the church (Discovering Your Place in Ministry) or in joining the membership of Willingdon as your home church (Discovering the Church Family).
  • A Community Group is a group consisting of 20+ people who gather regularly to worship, serve their communities and help new people get connected.
  • A Life Group is a group consisting of 6-12 people who meet regularly for teaching, support and care.
  • A Discipleship Group is a gender-specific group consisting of 3-5 men or women who connect regularly with a primary purpose of growing in their understanding of their identity.


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I’m conquering challenges in my faith as I trust God in life & ministry

  • I’m enjoying expressing my faith by serving God through the gifts He has given me.
  • I’m prioritizing my time with God and increasingly following His leading in all areas of my life.
  • I see life as a journey with people who intentionally help each other grow in faith and ministry.

Discipleship Pathway Climber

As a CLIMBER you’ve developed some spiritual habits that are growing your relationship with Jesus as you take steps to increase your faith. You have experienced answers to prayer and are beginning to share your faith and serve in your areas of giftedness and passion. Your heart for the things God cares about is growing.

Perhaps it is time for you to step out in leadership of a Discipleship Group, a Life Group, or help with leading a Community Group. As you step into obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, God will continue to guide you and build your faith.

Perhaps you want to grow your biblical knowledge by taking a Willingdon School of the Bible course. Maybe you’re interested in joining a Willingdon Short Term Mission Team or joining a community outreach team or prayer team.

As a Climber you’re entering the exciting period of seeing Jesus work in and through your life in new and exciting ways!

Areas you might be interested in as a climber:


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I follow Jesus and train people to be disciples who make disciples

  • I‘m intentionally guiding others to give away what Jesus has given them.
  • I guide people to move from being explorers, to hikers, to climbers, and to guides.
  • I seek to live a life surrendered to Christ and obedience to the Spirit’s leading to bring glory to God and benefit to people.

Discipleship Pathway Guide

As a GUIDE you have followed Jesus long enough to know that being a Christ-follower can be hard, but you’ve learned a great deal that can benefit others. As you have discovered your gifts and passions in ministry, you have come to the place where you know what gives you joy, what God is calling you to, and how to share with others.

As the Bible teaches us in Romans 12, Christ-followers share the gifts God has given them with the body of Christ with joy and diligence.

  • If you have leadership gifting, which group or ministry is God calling you to lead?
  • If you are a person of prayer, how are you engaging in that important ministry?
  • Or if you have administrative, strategic, or organizational skills, how is God replicating His heart for people through you?

Please contact a Discipleship Ministries pastor if you wish to discover how to serve as a Guide.

Need help identifying where you are on the Pathway?

Discipleship Pathway - Faith Journey

Take this short survey

Where Am I In My Faith Journey With Jesus Christ?

This tool is intended to help you identify where you are in the journey of knowing Jesus personally and following Him. Once you have completed the survey, we have suggested steps you can take to grow in your discipleship journey with Jesus.

Resources to help you journey along your Discipleship Pathway

Cover image for Bible Reading Journal

Bible Reading Journal

The Bible Reading Journal provides a Bible reading plan and journaling guide to help you interact with what you’re reading and capture and remember what you are learning.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups (D - Groups)

The Discipleship Group guide aims to facilitate a peer-based, same-gender group of 2-5 people who want to be intentional about their growth and development as disciples of Jesus.

Life Groups Header

Life Groups

Life Groups provide a group setting for you to build meaningful relationships and grow your faith in an intimate and supportive environment. Find out more about how to get connected!

Grow in faith by getting involved

Outreach - Local Outreach

Local Outreach

Find out how you can get involved serving with our community partners.

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Missional Town Centres

Find out how you can get involved serving at a town centre.