In 1977, God led Willingdon to establish Elder leadership that is guided by Scripture given in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The intentional approach to selecting church leaders reinforced Willingdon’s solidarity by centralizing leadership with a group of Elders. Elders prayerfully seek God’s vision for the church, holding each other accountable and responsible for the spiritual growth of Willingdon and its members.

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Our Elders are here for you

If you are seeking spiritual care or counsel, or if you have questions regarding the direction of our church, we encourage you to seek out an Elder. As your shepherds, the Elders desire to come alongside you to help you grow in Christ, wherever you may be on your journey.

To contact an Elder, please send an email or leave a message with the church.

Eldership at Willingdon Church

What does being an “Elder-Led Church” Mean?

Willingdon Church believes Eldership is the model of leadership that the Bible sets out for churches, based on scriptures such as Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3. Throughout the New Testament, we find that Elders were appointed to care for, protect, and lead the churches that the apostles raised up. Willingdon Church adopted a New Testament-based Elder-led church model and continues to follow this model of leadership today.

This means that a group of God-fearing and Spirit-filled men are charged with leading our congregation to know Jesus Christ personally and to make Him known to others. Our Elders are also responsible for seeking God’s will and vision for the church. Rather than placing that burden on any one person, the Elders together trust the Lord to lead them to unanimous agreement in decisions relating to the ministries and the future of Willingdon.

Scriptural References for Eldership
1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:2-5; Acts 20:28, 31; 1 Timothy 5:17; James 5:14; Acts 15:2


Elders as shepherds

The word “shepherd” is used in the Bible in association with the words “elder” and “overseer.” An Elder not only leads the church, but, as a spiritual shepherd, is responsible for caring for the needs of our congregation and ensuring that we grow spiritually.

Our Elders:

  • Ensure we are taught and trained in the Word of God
  • Encourage those who are struggling in their faith
  • Help restore to spiritual health those who, through sin, have done harm to their soul
  • Help reconnect straying believers to the body of Christ
  • Help reconcile believers who have sinned against each other
  • Anoint the sick with oil and pray for their healing
  • Share the Gospel with people who do not know Jesus
  • Defend the Gospel by protecting our church from heresy and false teaching


How you can pray for our Elders

  • Pray that they will clearly discern God’s will and act boldly to carry out His direction for Willingdon
  • Pray for protection for our Elders from spiritual attack
  • Pray for the families of our Elders, and that the Lord will fortify, strengthen, and encourage their marriages and families
  • Pray for the continued unity among our Elders and church
  • Pray for spiritual encouragement and nourishing time with the Lord in their personal walk with Christ
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as the Elders lead the church