Elders Affirmation Meeting


As elders, our role is the responsibility of shepherding our church community, the ministries that God has developed within our church and the outreach that is happening each week through these ministries. Currently, our board of elders consist of 16 lay elders and 4 pastoral elders that meet each month to listen to God’s direction and discern what this means for our church. We are encouraged by so many of you, that come up to us and inform us that you are praying for all the elders on a regular basis. We feel your prayers and sense that God is guiding us this year.

Our elders are selected after time spent in prayer, careful review, discernment and according to the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 to serve as elders of Willingdon Church.

In order to conform to our Governing Policies to affirm our elders, we are holding an Elder Affirmation Meeting for current active members in good standing of Willingdon Church on June 28th from 7pm- 8pm – via Zoom.

A member in good standing is an individual who has either by baptism or confession of faith, declared their faith in Jesus Christ and affirmed and upheld the membership covenant which includes showing support for the ministry of Willingdon Church over the past year by actively serving in a ministry, giving a regular tithe and attending services regularly.

If you are a member in good standing and interested in joining the Elder Affirmation Meeting please sign up using the link below. We will confirm your active membership status and send you an invitation to the meeting before June 28th, 2021

Apply to Join The Elders Affirmation Meeting

Registration is required. You must register by Monday June 21

Please note:  Our regular Annual Ministries Meeting will be held later this year in the Fall.  Everyone will be invited to attend.  This will be an opportunity for pastors and staff to present to you the many ministry initiatives which will take place in the Fall when the church is fully opened.

Elders of Willingdon Church


If you have any questions, please email the elders at elders@willingdon.org
For technical or database questions, please contact database@willingdon.org