Equipped to Grow

Willingdon Church wants to equip every person who is part of our church to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus.
Here are some featured resources for this season. 



There are 9 Discovery Series courses that cover topics from "how to join the church family as a member" to "how to read your Bible", prayer and more.

While many people start with Discovering Jesus, all courses are very enjoyable and helpful for people new to faith and those who have been Christians for a while.

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baptism and membership

Baptism and Membership

A very meaningful step of faith we can take is being baptized and joining the membership in our local church. Learn more about the process and purpose of becoming a member at Willingdon by baptism or confession faith. More on Membership & Baptism

Willingdon School of the Bible

School of the Bible

Through Willingdon School of the Bible we are dedicated to providing strong biblical foundations and clear understanding of the Bible. Our desire is that this will inspire a life-long pursuit of the truth revealed in the Word of God, and will prepare people for a life of ministry involvement.

There are six courses being taught this winter.

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Freedom Session

Freedom Session

Freedom Session is a 28-week intensive healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts.

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Willingdon Church is committed to raising up a new generation of leaders for ministry.

We providing practical ministry experience, relevant and applicable Bible teaching and personal mentorship. Our desire is to train those Jesus is calling to develop their ministry skills, increase their biblical knowledge, grow their character and discern their ministry calling. Is Jesus calling you?

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