Annual Ministries Meeting


June 24, 2019

  • 7:00pm


Join us for the Annual Ministries Meeting on Monday, June 24, to celebrate what God has done this past year.

Pick up a copy of the Annual Ministries Report at the Info Desk or view it online here.

All are welcome to attend the Annual Ministries Meeting.

A church members affirmation vote will take place during the meeting to vote for the elders whom the Elders have carefully prayed over, reviewed and have discerned meet the qualifications outlined in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1 to serve as elders of Willingdon Church.

Please note: Only registered Willingdon church members in good standing are eligible to vote. Please arrive before 7:00pm to register for the affirmation vote (registration will open at 6:30pm).

“Members in good standing of Willingdon Church” have either by baptism or confession of faith, declared their faith in Jesus Christ and affirmed and uphold the membership covenant. As per the membership covenant, they support the ministry of Willingdon church, have within the past year been active in a ministry, give a regular tithe, and attend services regularly.

Please note: all current Deacons who were to be reaffirmed this year (2018) have had their service term extended by 1 year. There are currently no new Deacons to be affirmed this year.

A list of the elders to be affirmed is available at the Info Desk and Resource Center.