Grade 5 Grad


June 14 - 15, 2019

  • 6:30pm - 10:00am

Pastor Jono, Teacher Sarah and Pastor Brody (along with an amazing volunteer team) are getting together to host an amazing night of fun for our gr. 5 grads! This event is to honor the gr. 5's and their time spent in HQ, and to introduce them to Student Ministries (High Voltage) to ease transition. 

Details: We're going to join High Volatge for their monthly gym jam event, this includes games and a pizza dinner, a "God-talk" with prayer and worship time, a church-wide night game, and a movie before bedtime. Boys and girls will be sleeping in separate rooms (female leaders supervising the girls, and male leaders supervising the boys). In the morning, we're going to meet together again for a cereal buffet, discuss what their journey will look like moving into High Voltage, receive new Bibles, and pray before pick-up time. 

What to Bring: any required medications, sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping mat (optional), pyjamas, toothbrush/toothpaste, and any other necessary sleeping items 

What NOT to Bring: iPad, iPhones, and any other distracting electronic devices 

Please note: This event requires YOUR permission (parent/guardian) for your children to participate. Please pick up a permission form during weekend services from the Kids Info Desk and submit with payment by Sunday, June 2nd. The safety of your child is our primary concern, and every precaution will be taken for their well-being!

*We would reccomend having a small snack before arrival. Dinner will be served around 8:30!