Kairos Course


September 15, 2020

  • 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    Kairos Course

THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY VERSION OF THE KAIROS COURSE, joining with people from across Western Canada

A Study of the Purpose and Plan of God from Genesis to the End of the Age!


An exciting, nine lesson, interactive course that looks at our world from God’s perspective!

  • Discover the missionary thread from Genesis to Revelation
  • Glimpse the awesome advance of Christianity around the world
  • Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world Christian mission
  • Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God’s kingdom worldwide
  • Learn from some of today’s leading mission personalities, theologians and historians.

Main Course Components

  • Lecture Introductions using Multi-media
  • Interactive Group Discussions
  • Teaching and Inspirational Videos
  • Prayer for Unreached Peoples
  • Readings and Worksheets
  • Special Activities

What Graduates Are Saying

“Understanding God’s heart beat has given me a greater love for Him, compassion for the lost, zeal in service and power in prayer.” Businesswoman, Singapore

“It’s not a course....its an encounter with God and his word, causing you to think in line with his purpose” Missionary, South East Asia

“Conducting the Kairos course in our church has helped us to see, as individuals and as a church, how we fit into God’s big plan.” Pastor, Australia

“The Kairos course was a life changing experience for me. Through it God expanded my heart in a massive way. I was envisioned, impassioned and revolutionized.” Doctor, UK