Marriage Preparation Course


April 5 - May 17

Wondering whether your dating relationship should move toward marriage?  Or are you already engaged to be married?

As couples make the decision to get married, their focus quickly moves toward the excitment of preparing for their special Wedding Day.  It is our conviction we need to help couples prepare well for what their wedding day is all about; a life-long commitment to a godly and healthy marriage.  As such, our Marriage Peparation Course has been developed for couples who are seriously dating or engaged, by providing them with biblical and practical teaching on marriage (class), marriage mentorship (you will be assigned a mentor couple), and time to go over couple-specific issues based on the PREPARE Inventory.


  • Marriage:  My Expectations
  • God's Expectations
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Money Matters
  • Sex & Children
  • Growing Toward Spiritual Oneness

The first step to begin the process in applying for the Marriage Preparation Course is to email Pastor Isaac at ilee@willingdon.org to make an appointment for an interview between January 2  and March 1.  Due to the limited space, we advise that you contact Pastor Isaac as soon as possible.  In-take interview deadline is March 1.  Preference will be given to those who regularly attend Willingdon Church.

  • Session Date:  April 5 - May 17 (6 weeks)
  • Cost:  $ 200 per couple (includes breakfast)
  • Class Time:  Sundays, 8:00am - 10:00am
  • Location:  The Chapel

Note:  This course will run again in the Fall (Oct-Nov)

To register, contact:

Pastor Isaac Lee 604-435-5544 (x. 1019) 

  • if you would like information to hold your wedding and/or reception at Willingdon Church, please contact Rosyln at 604-435-5544 (x. 1008)

Note:  Due to the importance of all that should be considered and weighed, this course should not be hurried.  Therefore, we strongly recommend all couples to hold off setting dates and sending out invitations in order to give themselves enough time and space to adequately process what they've learned through the Marriage Preparation Course.


Steps of Marriage Preparation Course:

  1. Make an appointment with Pastor Isaac Lee at least 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline.  If either person has been previously married, this appointment should take place at least 4 weeks prior to the registration deadline.
  2. If either person has been previously married, you must meet with the Re-Marriage Elder Committee prior to final approval for the course.  This meeting will be arranged by Pastor Isaac.  For information on our divorce and remarriage policy, please pick-up a Divorce and Remarriage pamphlet at the Resource Center.
  3. Complete the two inventories provided and return them to the Church Office or Resource Center with your registration fee.  Must be completed at least two weeks before the start date.
  4. Attend the six class sessios.  Each session includes classroom discussion, breakfast and personal interaction with a mentoring couple.
  5. Meet with Pastor Isaac for 1-2 follow up sessions, after the 6-week class sessions are completed.