Month of Prayer


May 1

24/7 Prayer:

Let’s cover every hour of May in prayer for the Church and city of Burnaby! Sign up for an hour in the GVRD virtual prayer room on the 24-7 prayer site and join others to uplift our community in prayer. There are 744 hours in May. Let’s see 744 people sign up and cover this entire month in prayer!

24/7 Prayer Sign Up: https://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/04364a

"How to Pray for an Hour" Guide - Download
available to help provide direction and provides specific requests for your time in prayer.


Prayer Walking

As we focus on prayer during this month, let’s plan to go for daily or weekly prayer walks around our communities. Connect with your life group, family members, and/or friends to pray for your neighborhood and beyond.

Prayer Walking and How to do it  (from Zume) 
How to prayer walk your city (from Prayer Current)



Alongside spending more time in prayer, we are wanting to devote time to fasting as a church through the month of May. Check out the “Fasting” guide for more details on what fasting is, why we do it, and how to fast. We encourage our whole church to engage in fasting this month. Whether you fast from 1 meal in a week, or 1 whole day each week, or longer, we encourage you to challenge yourself to fast more than you have before. Please refer to our “Hour of Prayer Guide” and “Prayer Walk Guide” for more direction and specific requests about what we want to be praying into as a church family during this month.

Fasting Guide - Download