Sr High Zùme Discipleship Groups


January 15

Interested in furthering your faith this year? Join one of our online Zùme groups, designed to give you tools and opportunities to bring God’s love everywhere you go. (If you're wondering: Zùme means “yeast” in Greek, taken from Matthew 13:33 when Jesus is talking about the Kingdom of Heaven!) 

This 10-week course will help you understand what it means to be a disciple-maker, as you follow Jesus’ command to go into the world and lead others to Him.

Each week builds on the previous week to give you the time to practice the things you learn, and to encourage one another as you take the Gospel into your friend group, your family, and your community.

Jessica hosts Friday at 7pm (starting Jan 15) and Minju hosts Sundays at 9:30am (starting Jan 17). Contact Pastor Brody to get a spot!

Please note: these groups are open to students in grades 10-12.