Willingdon Mandarin Christmas Banquet


December 20, 2019

  • 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Time/時間: December 20th Friday/12月20日星期五  6:30pm ~ 9pm (Door opens at 6pm/傍晚6時進場)

Room/地點: Connection/副堂

Ticket price/票價: $15 ($10 for less than 10 years old/10嵗以下$10)

Contact Person/聯絡人: Lan Yu,(604)715-0580

To buy ticket/如需購票:

1. Phone the contact person/致電聯絡人

2. Contact your Mandarin small group leaders/聯絡您所在的國語生命小組負責人

3. Ticket can be purchased at Fireside room every Sunday 11:30am~11:45pm or 1:15pm~2:30pm/也可在每星期日11:30-11:45am或1:15~2:30pm至壁爐廳購買

Last date of registration/購票截止日期: December 13th Friday/12月13日星期五

Child care is provided/設兒童看管服務。