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Christian Dating and Marriage: Knowing Your Soulmate

Christian Dating and Marriage: Knowing Your Soulmate


February 4 - March 24
11:45 am - 1:00 pm


Room 3030





Christian Dating & Marriage: Knowing Your Soulmate is an 8-week course designed to provide you with a clear picture of the biblical basis and purpose of Christian dating and marriage. Through this course, many will be surprised at how much more dating and marriage are supposed to be in God's eyes and how much we have short-changed ourselves by unknowingly assuming the world's views and approaches to dating and marriage. It is our hope that the course participants will discover the meaningful beauty of God's design and be challenged to realign their own relationships to God's intended ways.
Come and join us on Sunday mornings from February 4 - March 24, 11:45 am
Register on your own or with some friends and learn together - all are welcome!

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