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International Festival

International Festival


May 28
9:30 am - 2:00 pm



We are celebrating INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL on Sunday, May 28! No tickets or registration are needed.
Bring your families and friends for our weekend services in your own national attires, and then join us in CONNECTION to check out some awesome music, dance, crafts and snacks from around the world.

Complete performance schedule is posted below.
Photo booth is available 10:30am to 1:30pm. Let's record the joyful moment and capture your smiles!

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Performance Schedule

First Session, After 8:30AM Service

  • Spanish Songs
  • Korean Dance
  • ESL Testimonies and Introduction
  • People of Indian Group Song
  • Mandarin Group Dance
  • Cantonese Praise Dance


Second Session, After 10:00AM Service

  • Mandarin Music and Dance
  • Spanish Songs and Dance
  • Japanese Karate and Song
  • Korean Dance
  • Cantonese Praise Dance


Third Session, After 11:45AM Service

  • Portuguese Language Band
  • Russian Language Songs
  • Cantonese Hymn Sing
  • Spanish Band and Dance
  • Filipino Dance
  • International Language Groups Dance