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Meet The Elders

Meet the Elders

Meet the Elders


June 19
7:00 pm


Willingdon | Chapel

Join us for a meeting with the Elders. This will be an opportunity to meet the Elders, learn about the Elder-led model and what are the responsibilities of an Elder at Willingdon Church. There will be an opportunity for open discussions and questions to be asked during this meeting. If you would like to submit your questions in advance, please include them with your registration.

All are welcome to attend, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

Elder Affirmation Vote:
We will also hold an affirmation vote for Elders who are being reaffirmed to serve another 3-year term. The Elders up for reaffirmation are:
Phil Balzer, John Best, Paul Lee, Ed Thiessen, Wayne Wiebe

Please note: To be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing who has joined Willingdon Church Membership through baptism or confession of faith and has honoured the Willingdon Church Membership covenant which includes regular attendance, volunteer participation and financial giving, in 2023 and 2024.

All voting will be done in person on this day.

On behalf of the Elders of Willingdon Church

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