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Men's Fellowship Paintball

Men’s Paintball

Men’s Paintball


August 27
9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Ambush Paintball





Come and join with other men as we enjoy tactical exercise and fellowship!

Due to popular demand, Willingdon Men's Ministry will be going for Paintball as our last summer event! The venue Ambush Paintball locates in Surrey (roughly 30 min drive from Church). Cost will be for the basic rental package and includes the private field booking fee for our group. If we have 10 registered early enough we will book a private field, otherwise we may join the public drop-in session. The package includes a semi-auto paintball marker (gun), protective mask, and 100 paintballs. Additional paintballs are available at extra cost.

Registration extended to Aug. 25! Invite other men! We will try to organize rides once people are registered.

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