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Care - New Horizons Fellowship

NHF Retreat

NHF Retreat


May 16 - May 18


Camp Hope


$168 - $294



REFLECTION: a beautiful location as we sing and hear our guests' inspiring and unforgettable story
RESTORATION: delicious food for our bodies and wonderful fellowship with believers
REJUVENATION: comfortable hotel-like accommodation in the Lodge (with bath/shower)

Guest Speakers:
Rita & Dale Harter of Penticton, BC Lost in the Nevada desert, Rita, our guest speaker, survived alone in her van for an unbelievable 49 days. She has a compelling testimony of faith, patience and hope. Constant awareness of the next task at hand took her to the next moment as she had virtually no food. Today, she has a new path to explore and new mercies of God's Grace to experience. We will hear for ourselves this amazing testimony of survival. Her husband will share also and provide special music.

Contact Gail & Ken Roach at ac.wahs@hcaorliag for registration & transportation information.

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