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Parking Passes

Parking Pass

Parking Pass

Starting May 1, we will be limiting our surface and underground parking areas for seniors 65 years and older and those with special needs.

The parking lot is again becoming busy as many more people return to in-person church. Please help us by Parking At BCIT if you are able.

Those who need to be accommodated with parking on the Willingdon Church Lot will need to request and display a parking pass. Please apply for the Parking Pass by filling out the questionnaire form and providing us with proof of age and/or special needs. Those who meet the requirement for a parking pass will be issued one through the Resource Center for pick up.
Please use the link below or see us at the Resource Center on Sundays.

Drop Off:
There will be marked drop-off areas for families dropping young children off, and then parents will be asked to park their vehicle at either BCIT or Moscrop School.

Thank you for helping us care for those with special needs and seniors at Willingdon Church.

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