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UNITE Bible Study

UNITE Bible Study


October 3
7:00 pm


Willingdon Room #3030


College & Career

A great place to drop in if you are still on the lookout for a Life Group or want to learn through an inductive Bible Study. This year we’ll be studying the Gospel of John.

What is Inductive Bible Study?
-We study the Bible asking questions about the text we're reading.
-We observe - what is the text saying? (Who, what, when, where, why, how?)
-We interpret - what does the text mean? (What is the cultural and historical context, who is the writer and audience? Etc.)
-And we apply - what does this mean for my everyday life? (How do I personally apply this to my life?)

Inductive Bible study methods help us have a better overall understanding of what we're reading. Properly reading and studying the Bible is a big part of learning who God is and grow in our faith as we apply what we learn to our daily lives.

Meet biweekly on Tuesdays @ 7pm in the Café, starting September 19.

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