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You Can Counsel – Basic Training for Helping Those Who Are Hurting

You Can Counsel – Basic Training for Helping Those Who Are Hurting




The Chapel





Resource for everyone who attended training led by Dr Kruse on May 11th.
Below is a link to the resource shared during the training.

As Christians, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus showing his love to those who are hurting. While this calling is true for all believers, many of us don’t feel qualified or adequately equipped to care in a meaningful and impactful way.

Pastor and current registered Psychologist, Dr. Josh Kruse will be coming to Willingdon Church to help equip us in caring for people using his Listen, Guide, and Pray Model. Together, we'll look at ways to listen well to better understand what is going on for the person who is struggling. From there we'll use our understanding of their circumstances to guide them with and towards resources. Then we'll learn how to apply the gospel and prayer to their situation to help them connect with God and His love, support, comfort, and guidance.

Whether you are an existing Care Ministries volunteer, Life Group Leader, Pastor, Staff, Elder etc. you will benefit from Dr. Josh’s training and approach as you learn to minister better to those that God brings along your path.

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Resource: Gospel Guiding

Gospel Guiding
Listen, Guide, and Pray- written by Dr. Joshua Kruse


● Empathy
○ James 1:19 “…let every person be quick to hear and slow to speak…”
○ “You feel ___ (emotions), because ___ (circumstances)”

● Resources:

○ “How are you dealing with this?”
○ “Who is in this with you?”
○ “How can I best help you?”


● Our Resources:

o Spiritual Gifts
o Life Experience
o Education and Training

● Gospel Guiding:

o “What is your sense of God in this?”
o “Who is God and What Has He Done for You?”
o “Who are You to Him?”
o “What Difference Does This Make in Light of Your Situation?”


● Connect with God:

○ Who God is
○ Who they are to Him
○ Requests