First Aid Attendants

First Aid attendants provide care in the event of an injury or illness to preserve life, prevent illness or injury from getting worse, and to promote recovery. If you are a church member who is a practising MD, RN/LPN, firefighter or paramedic, or one who has a current Level C First Aid certificate, we would love to have you join us.

Serve Volunteer - First Aid

Ministry Leader Contact:

Sophia Tam
Sophia Tam

First Aid Attendant

Skills, Gifts & Qualifications

  • Church membership required
  • Current license/certificate (practising MD, RN/LPN, firefighter or paramedic, or with a current Level C First Aid certificate)
  • Passion for helping hurting people

Time Commitment:

  • Sunday services once per month

Get Started:

If you are interested in joining our team, please

  1. Fill out the volunteer form in the link below.
  2. Select “First Impressions” as your area of ministry,
  3. Select “First Aid Attendant” as the area you would like to volunteer in and
  4. the volunteer ministry leader will contact you soon.
    (Note: if you put in a different email than appears in your normal church profile, please confirm that email address in the Church Center confirmation email sent to your email inbox (Outlook, Mail App, Gmail etc.) to complete your form submission)

We are so grateful for your interest in serving with us!