Friday Nights

Age 18+

Friday Nights at Willingdon consists of a diverse group of adults 18 and up. From student to professional, we seek to gather together, to know Jesus, and to make disciples in the places we live, study, work, and play.

Upcoming Events and Gatherings

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Friday Night Gathering


The Friday Nights Ministry (formerly Young Adults Ministry) desires to create spaces where people can gather, grow, and go. By gathering, we can make connections, worship with one another, encourage one another, and pray with one another. We will encourage spiritual growth and transformation through teaching and discipleship so that we can be equipped to “go and make disciples of all nations”. Our prayer is for both personal and corporate renewal that will result in revival in the church. We want to invite you into God’s grand story and to help you find your place in it.


Time: 7:00 pm (door opens at 6:45 pm)
Location: Willingdon Chapel/Fireside
Date: Next Gathering March 10th


Sermon on the Mount Series – Oct. 17th – Jun. 23rd

We are introducing the Sermon on the Mount to our Friday Nights Ministry to challenge our people to live out the Gospel through their head, heart, and hands.

The Sermon on the Mount is a well known message from Jesus but what is its purpose? Some have suggested that it is a instructional manual on how to live the perfect Christian life and others have suggested that they are a complied inspirational sayings of Jesus. The truth is, it is a calling to the Christian life, it is Jesus calling all his disciples to live out the Sermon on the Mount for human and Christian flourishing. Christians will completely and utterly fail in attempting to live out the Sermon on the Mount but Christians have been given grace. That grace comes in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Through the Cross, Christians are encouraged to live out the Sermon on the Mount and when Christians fail, they do not need to try harder or to feel guilty because they are forgiven. Go live out the Sermon on the Mount in the grace Jesus has achieved for his people.


Community Service

Friday Nights Ministry participate in Willingdon’s Community Outreach ministries that serve throughout Burnaby. There are one-time and ongoing community ministry opportunities to be involved in.


A Wider Church Community

Willingdon seeks to be an inter-generational community. We encourage our community at Friday Nights to be involved in the broader Willingdon Church family, such as attending weekend church services and church-wide prayer summits.

A community centred on Jesus

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Life Groups

Life groups are one of the main ways that we gather and grow. They are the perfect place to do life with a community that will encourage, support, and challenge you.

A place to call home

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