Home Improvement


| support for men learning healthier ways of being in a relationship |


"Home Improvement" is a men's small group focused on helping men deal with unhealthy relational patterns that threaten to end their marriages. The group provides a supportive environment to help men learn how to build and maintain healthier ways to be in a relationship and to realize that change is possible.


  • Learning how unhealthy behaviors can damage our relationships

  • Using a God-given model we create a blueprint for living in wisdom, power, goodness, grace, compassion, and respect

  • We offer effective support, education, and opportunity for men to take personal responsibility for their choices and end harmful behaviors in a group setting



Sofia Khouw, R. Psych.  
Sofia has more than 15 years of experience helping individuals through counseling.  She is passionate about working with men in becoming a better version of themselves through group work.

Tony Rashmawi
Tony is a member of Willingdon Church. He has been involved in supporting men's groups and has a passion to see men discover their potential to be healthy in their relationships.


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Please contact Tony Rashmawi at hi.willingdon@gmail.com or 604-723-6848 for more info.