Doctors have residency. Lawyers have articling. Pastors have INTERNSHIP.

Willingdon Pastoral Internship is a one-year, full time program designed to prepare participants in the context of the local church for their life-long ministry.  By providing practical ministry experience, world-class Bible teaching and personal mentorship, our desire is to train those whom Jesus has called to be FAITHFUL SHEPHERDS of His flock.  Is Christ calling you?

We are now accepting applications for the September 2018-August 2019 term.


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This is no typical internship.  You will serve in real, hands-on ministry alongside pastors with a track-record of faithfulness.  You will become a paid member of a seasoned pastoral team.  You will be challenged by world-class Bible teachers to solidify a biblical foundation for your ministry, while growing personally under the mentorship of a Willingdon Church Elder.  Combining practical experiences with ongoing feedback, discussion and training, our program will mould your character, stretch your disciplines, and shape your philosophy for life-long ministry. Read more...

Three areas we seek to fortify in the lives of interns:

  1. ACADEMICS – To Solidify Biblical Convictions
  2. MINISTRY – To Develop Ministry Philosophy and Skill
  3. CHARACTER – To Build Discipline Toward Godliness

Willingdon Church

Willingdon Church was founded in 1961 with a mission to reach its community for Jesus.  It has grown to now include seven weekend services, and more than 12 language ministries.

Founded as a Mennonite Brethren Church, Willingdon holds a strong commitment to expositional preaching, reformed theology, and Elder-led ecclesiology. We are deeply committed to discipleship at all levels and to equipping the saints for acts of service.

We have a passion to reach our city and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This includes a vision for helping plant new churches in urban settings and raising up future leaders to be effective ministers of the gospel.


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    Willingdon Church Pastoral Internship Program
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