Japanese Ministry

The Japanese Ministry is a place for our Japanese-speaking community to learn more about Jesus and carry on His ministry.

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Japanese Ministry

This is a place where you can hear about God’s good news in a language that you can fully understand. You will be able to learn more about God and what the Bible teaches, and discover the purpose He has for your life. Our group is made up of loving people who support each other as we worship, pray, gather together and make Jesus the center of our lives. We extend a warm welcome and invitation for you to join us. There will always be a place for you!

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Find out how you can listen to live translations during in-person services.

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Mission in Japan

Long-term Willingdon Missionaries

James and Maki Buss

Maki is a Japanese national who became a Christ-follower while living in Canada. She was a deacon in Willingdon Church’s Japanese language ministry and provided simultaneous translation of the weekly sermons for over 15 years before leaving to Japan. James is a Canadian national whose commitment to Christ was solidified while living in Japan as a young adult. He oversaw Willingdon Church’s parking ministry for 6 years and then helped in the tech team for 10 years before leaving to Japan.

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  • Japanese Prayer Gathering

    Every other Friday (online)

    The purpose of this gathering is to grow together towards God through prayer. We hope that you will be blessed with the hope and peace of Christ by attending with us. The next meeting will be on June 17th and it will be the last gathering before the summer vacation. The date of the first meeting in September will be announced later. 次回の集まりは、6月17日です。夏休み前最後の集いになります。9月最初の集いの日程は、追ってお知らせします。

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