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The Role of a Life Group Leader

God designed us for community, and Life Groups are intended to foster the life that God created us for and calls us to. In Life Groups, we connect with each other, grow in their faith together, serve together, and share the Gospel together. Each group has at least one leader, and this page has more information about how to get involved as a Life Group Leader!

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The Role of a Life Group Leader

We are excited to know that you are interested in leading a Willingdon Life Group! Please read through the roles and responsibilities of leading a Life Group and consider applying to be a Life Group Leader.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Change starts with you
  • Make the most of group experiences
  • Life Group is the beginning of something, not the end


The role of a leader in a life group is to disciple a biblically functioning community.

How does a biblical community function? 

We find our example in Acts 2:42-47. Just like the early church, we share in common life (fellowship), meet house to house (ministry and teaching), eat together (communion), take care of each other’s needs, and see multiplication (evangelism and discipleship).

What does a Life Group Leader do?

  • Leads weekly group time
  • Reviews weekly Life Group questions
  • Guides the group in making disciples
  • Maintains ongoing communication and prayer with group members
  • Fosters a caring culture of contributing vs. consuming
  • Encourages the group to share and enjoy life together beyond a weekly meeting
  • Believes in this vision: “Follow Jesus together, care for one another, join on mission with Jesus”

A Life Group Leader should…

  • Have a growing relationship with Jesus
  • Be a disciple-maker
  • Be living a lifestyle consistent with their faith
  • Have an active prayer life
  • Be intentionally sharing their faith
  • Partner with God in prayer
  • Have an apprentice at the beginning
  • Look for leaders as they grow as a leader

Qualifications & steps to become a leader:

  • Be a member of Willingdon Church
  • Complete the Application and Interview process
  • Complete the Ministry Grid Course about being a Life Group Leader
  • Learn how to take care of the administration of their group on Planning Centre
  • Connect with Assigned Care Coach
  • Participate in monthly and annual enrichment conferences
  • Be affirmed by Elders
  • Understand and affirm the biblical basis of groups (Romans 16:5, Exodus 18:13-26, Acts 8:3, Acts 16:40, Acts 20:18-21, 1 Corinthians 16:19, Colossians 4:15)

How to Apply

If you are interested in leading a group, please fill out the volunteer form below. Select “Adult Ministry” as your area of ministry, and select “Life Group Leader/Co-leader” as the specific area you would like to volunteer in.

We are also looking for people willing to host life groups in their homes. If you are interested, select “Adult Ministry” and then “Life Group Host.”

After you submit the form, we will get in touch with next steps. We are so grateful for your interest in serving with us!