Restorative Mentorship M2/W2


M2/W2 Association’s vision is to end imprisonment, one person at a time. They provide practical support and encouragement to people who are committed to change yet face the emotional, spiritual, and physical obstacles that often result from incarceration. They also equip volunteers to mentor people in prison.

Outreach - No One Leaves Alone

How to Serve

One-on-one, in-prison mentorship

For over five decades, M2/W2 has been equipping volunteers to mentor people in prison. The one-on-one in-prison program brings companionship, accountability, and an outside perspective to men and women in prison – people who regularly experience isolation and loneliness.

For more info about volunteer mentoring or to get involved, please contact Luminita by email or visit the website.

No One Leaves Alone (NOLA)

NOLA connects formerly incarcerated men and women with a circle of volunteers, who journey together toward restoration and reintegration. NOLA circles are volunteer-driven – they meet regularly, stay in contact, and provide support in five areas: housing, health, employment, education, and relationships.

For more info about volunteering with NOLA, please contact Steve by email or visit the website.