Potter’s Place Mission

Ongoing (Daily)

The mission of Potter’s Place is to visibly, tangibly and measurably transform the Downtown Eastside (East Hastings Street) through the power of God. Volunteers are needed to serve free meals after a worship service, twice daily.

Outreach - Potter's Place Mission

What is Potter’s Place? 

Located in the Downtown Eastside, Potter’s Place desires to see the street people come out of their present situation of hopelessness and loss of self-worth, as evidenced by their poverty, continual welfare dependency, involvement in substance abuse and addiction, prostitution and high suicidal tendencies, and have their lives restored for the glory of God.

How to Serve 

Twice daily, all throughout the year, Potter’s Place Mission serves free meals after a worship service. This is done only by the grace of God who provides and the help of local churches and other missions who volunteer their time and effort as we seek to transform people’s lives through God’s Word and His love.

For more information, you can visit the Potter’s Place Website or contact Jim by email.

Serving the community with God's love

Photo of worship at Potter's Place