Meet The Previous Interns


Interns (2018-2019 Season )

Nathan Archer

Having spent most of my life in rural Alberta, then attending Briercrest College in rural Saskatchewan, I made the obvious decision to jump straight into the heart of city with Willingdon. Growing in submission to Christ led me to realize that the combination of my love for Jesus and my love for people could effectively manifest itself in vocational ministry. At the time I didn't realize what that would look like. Moment by moment, however, God has been directing me toward pastoral ministry as He gives me greater clarity for what He desires to accomplish in and through me. What remains at the core is the same: I love Jesus, and I love people. I'm thrilled to experience how God's Spirit is at work here at Willingdon.


Jordan Chanin

I was born in Canmore, AB, but grew up in Langley, BC. I had the privilege of studying and growing spiritually for 4 years at Columbia Bible College and graduated in the Spring of 2018 with a BA majoring in Biblical Studies and a Church Ministry minor. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been trained and equipped by the wonderful staff and faculty at CBC, and to receive the opportunity to serve at Willingdon Church as a pastoral intern. It is incredible to reflect on how much God delights in giving good gifts and big responsibilities to his children. I have had a passion for ministry since I became a Christian around 7 years ago, and have been led very intentionally by God to live a life dedicated to vocational church ministry despite my efforts to pursue other career paths. I am excited to be a part of this year’s group of interns, to participate in and serve this community, and be discipled by the godly leaders that have been placed in charge of Willingdon. 


Carter Reimer

I grew up in Calgary, AB and right after graduating high school I left for Briercrest college. I graduating with a BA in Christian Minstry in 2015 while also playing for the college volleyball team during that time.  I then began to work on my Masters of Divinity immediately after and moved into coaching volleyball for the past two years at the college. During my time at Briercrest I met my wife, Sarah, and we so excited for this chapter in our lives. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work and grow in a church that has so many godly leaders available to help guide me as I continue to grow in my faith and figure my area of passion in the church. God has been leading me to vocational ministry for awhile now and I am excited to be able to begin this journey in an environment that will challenge but also encourage and support me along the way. 


Tony Castro

I was born in Guatemala, Central America and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. I came to know Jesus at an early age as a child and at the age of 18 devoted my life to pursue vocational ministry. I attended music school and after marriage attended Bible school in McAllen, Texas. My wife and I have been married for almost twelve years with three beautiful girls all under the age of seven. Jesus is my Saviour and I have a passion for people to personally know the Saviour. The platforms I have been given to impact people for God are, Worship, Creative Arts, Business/Marketing and Leadership Development. Willingdon Church has been my home for the past five years and as a staff member here, God has given me more clarity into His call for my life. I am excited to see God shape my heart within this new season of life.

Previous Interns

Steve Kroeker - Lead Pastor, Tsawwassen Alliance Church, Tsawwassen, BC

Mike Wiebe - Lead Pastor, Strathmore Alliance Church, Strathmore, AB

Greg Vanderleeuw - Children Ministry Director, Harvest Bible Chapel, Oakville, ON

Matt Menzel - Teaching & Discipleship Pastor, Westside Church, BC

Sam Chua - Director of Discipleship, ACTS 242, Coquitlam, BC

Daniel Tielmann - RCMP officer, Surrey, BC

Daniel Golin - Ministry Apprentice, Crossridge Church, BC

Jake Lefave - Children & Youth Director, Christ City Church, BC

James Wong - Graduate Student, Regent College, Vancouver, BC

Tim Proudlove - Pastor, Kirkwall Baptist Church, Orkney, United Kingdom

Matthew Myers - Campus Pastor, Langley Evangelical Free Church, BC

Orin Saunders - Youth Pastor, White Rock Community Church, White Rock, BC

James Vanderveen - Lead Pastor, Salem  Church, Waldheim, Sask.

Jeremy Head - Associate Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Prince Rupert, BC

Mat Lortie - Lead Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, White Rock, BC

Rob Alcock - Youth Pastor, The Campus Church, Aurora, ON

Brody Loewen - Youth Pastor, Willingdon Church, Burnaby, BC

Nick Portengen - Youth Ministry Pastor, St. John's Vancouver Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC

Jordan Chanin - Young Adult Pastor, Willingdon Church, Burnaby, BC

Carter Reimer - Share Ministries Associate Pastor, First Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta

Nathan Archer - Youth Pastor, Central Heights Church, Abbotsford, BC



"The internship at Willingdon Church has helped me to solidify a biblical theology and grow in my gifts while exploring each avenue of the church.  I have developed a more realistic outlook and practical understanding for a future in ministry" Mike Wiebe, Intern '08-'09

"The internship sharpened me theogogically through study and writing and gave me solid practical training in Biblical shepherding.  Through this program, the Lord let me experience the joy of shepherding his people and confirmed a calling in my life to pastoral ministry." Samuel Chua, Intern '10-'11

"The internship at Willingdon has been the perfect way for me to move from the somewhat abstract world of my studies at seminary to the more concrete world of church and ministry.  To work alongside experienced pastors, and to see them handle both the highpoints and the frustrations of normal church life, has been a great gift to me." Tim Proudlove, Intern '12-'13

"The Willingdon Pastoral Internship was a huge year of growth both theologically and practically.  The church leadership does not hesitate to give you much responsibility which was both stretching and equipping for my own pastoral ministry.  Furthermore, I grew tremendously in my faith and understanding of both ministry and God's word through my time in the pastoral apprenticeship, and for that I am grateful." Daniel Tielmann, Intern '11-'12

"The internship provided a safe evniroment through which I could explore and wrestle with the different implications of being in ministry.  The network of support I was provided with pushed me in my ministry to try new things, knowing that there were safety nets in place" Jacob Lefave, Intern '12-'13

"Prior to my time in Willingdon's internship program I lacked confidence in a teaching or public speaking setting.  I would be nervous, my legs would shake, my palms would sweat-I hated it.  I knew that by coming here I would have to trust that God had prepared and called me, or prove that he hadn't.  Thankfully over the course of a year here I had many opportunities to speak before large and small groups; my confidence grew and my calling was confirmed.  Through my experiences at Willingdon I am able to pursue pastoral ministry with confidence." Rob Alcock, Intern '15-'16

"One- year of internship at Willingdon had been very valuable for me. The internship program gave me an opportunity to put to practice what I learned at college and helped me to know my God given gifting for future ministry. Willingdon’s multi-culture congregation had helped me to know and learn about different cultures" Amir Younas, Intern '15 -'16