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Burnaby | In Person

Frank & Cheryl G.

Wednesday - 7:30 pm (OPEN)

We are a new life group that accepts couples and all adults. We plan to go through the whole bible and discuss His purpose for our life. 我们是一对中年夫妇。欢迎所有夫妻或成年人参加在我们家的实体聚会。主要针对人群: 1. 在神国门口徘徊的人。(解答他们心中的疑惑,带领他们进入圣经真理的门) 2. 渴慕生命真正成长的信徒,追求真理的奥秘,更深经历神。 我们会建立一个微信群或 WhatsApp 群。每天发灵粮(圣经讲解等)由浅入深。然后聚会时讨论一周学习体会,答疑,真理分享,穿插个人生命见证。希望每个弟兄姐妹的生命有真正的改变。与神建立真实的关系。(当然还有敬拜赞美和祷告)有愿意参加这个小组的弟兄姐妹可以加我微信,愿神祝福大家。


White Rock | Online

Eric & Jessica Z.

Saturday - 7:00 pm (OPEN)

Meeting bi-weekly that is open to men and women of all ages. Our group is studying Bible verse by verse to go through the whole Bible. We emphasize to develop participants the abilities to apply Bible principles to real life, walking with God in all your aspects of life, your family, work, community, friends, and people around you and serving God. Apply God’s principles to change your life and spread the gospel. 兩週一次的聖經學習小組對所有年齡的弟兄姐妹們開放。我們小組是一章一段地查經,重視發展組員運用聖經的原則運用到生活的方方面面之中,家庭、工作、社會、朋友以周邊的人。在其中與主同行,事奉上帝,改變自己的生命,廣傳福音。