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Eric & Jessica Z.

Saturday - 7:00 pm (OPEN)

Meeting bi-weekly that is open to men and women of all ages. Our group is studying Bible verse by verse to go through the whole Bible. We emphasize to develop participants the abilities to apply Bible principles to real life, walking with God in all your aspects of life, your family, work, community, friends, and people around you and serving God. Apply God’s principles to change your life and spread the gospel. 兩週一次的聖經學習小組對所有年齡的弟兄姐妹們開放。我們小組是一章一段地查經,重視發展組員運用聖經的原則運用到生活的方方面面之中,家庭、工作、社會、朋友以周邊的人。在其中與主同行,事奉上帝,改變自己的生命,廣傳福音。