James & Maki Buss


Based in Amori, Japan, James and Maki B have been missionaries in the country for over seven years. In Japan, 1 in 500 people professes faith in Jesus, and most Pastors are over the age of 50. They see the opportunity to share Jesus in partnership with local churches. Read more about their ministry below.

Ministry Description:

During their first term of service (2016-2020), Maki reached Japanese women through one-on-one and group Bible studies, coordinating Ladies’ retreats and events in their Tokyo-area church, and leading the parent’s prayer group at a local international school.

James responded to OMF International’s advertised need for a Finance Manager and applied his career experience and professional accounting designation (CPA, CGA) in that role for almost 3 years. God allowed things to happen that moved James to lead a returnees Bible study on the west side of Tokyo, and helping a ministry reaching the next generation for Christ.

Now in their second term of service (2021-2025), Maki and James are based in Aomori City, the world’s snowiest city, helping the ministries at Aomori Christian Centre (ACC). ACC was started more than 50 years ago with a mission to strengthen the churches of Aomori Prefecture through evangelism, Bible teaching, and Christian fellowship. Located in a region where only 1 in 500 people profess faith in Jesus Christ, the average church attendance is 25 persons per church, and 89 percent of pastors are over the age of 50, ACC partnership is vital to the local churches. Our vision is to expand the ministry of ACC beyond the role of hosting Bible camps and church retreats by establishing a weekend Bible school and partnering with local churches in their own communities, helping them to start and run kids Bible clubs, English classes, Middle and High School student outreach ministries, and more. The purpose of ACC is to assist and co-operate with local churches in community evangelization, and to facilitate Christian fellowship through church camps, etc.

Prayer Requests:

• For ministry to continue unabated by pandemics & illnesses, or fears of illnesses
• For the local Aomori churches to be willing to work together across denominational lines
• For opportunities to share Jesus with our neighbours and others we meet in Aomori City
• For our son’s progress through university (UBC)
• For God to provide for us to continue serving in Japan


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Personal Contact Information:

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