Sandy Ewan

Doro, South Sudan

In South Sudan, Sandy is presently the SIM Doro Base Manager (Team Leader), as well as the Church Discipleship (CD) Project manager. As Base Manager, Sandy oversees security, SIM housing compounds, as well as a liaison to the Church and government. Read more about her ministry below.

Ministry Description:

With the CD project, Sandy oversees and comes alongside the SIM missionaries to listen to them and to encourage them in their own evangelism and discipleship ministries. Her own personal ministry in South Sudan focuses on mentoring and discipling Sudanese believers, both men and women, in their walk with Christ. To see Sudanese believers grow to maturity in Christ and to share Jesus with their families and neighbors brings Sandy great joy. Also, Sandy is the manager of SIM Deep Roots Bookstore & Library. From the CD project, she purchases Bibles in multiple languages as well as printing tribal songbooks (hymnals) to be sold in the bookstore. Sandy’s desire is to see Sudanese Christians purchase a Bible to read for themselves, as well as to study in the library. This is all so that they will grow deep in their faith in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

  • At present, Sandy is discipling Katrina who works in the SIM Deep Roots Bookstore. Katrina has taught herself how to read her own language of Mabaan. She is eager to learn more of the Bible. Sandy meets with Katrina 2-3 times per week to study the Bible together. They are presently going through a Navigators study material “Studies in Christian Living” that is similar to the Willingdon Discovery Material. Katrina’s face lights up when she is reading the Bible for herself & discovering new truths from God’s Word. Pray for Katrina that she will grow deep in her faith in Christ, and that Sandy will be led by God’s Spirit in wisdom and discernment when questions are asked.
  • Pray for Sandy as she has many responsibilities being the SIM Base Manager, such as in Security when at times there is instability. Pray for safety, wisdom and discernment when there are troubles in the county. As SIM Liaison to the Sudanese churches, pray for God’s wisdom and an ability to encourage the pastors, who come to Sandy’s home on a regular basis.
  • Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for me and this precious ministry to the Sudanese churches and believers.


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