Missional Discipleship

What practices does your church use to introduce people to Jesus and equip them to be disciples? Do you want your church to be a missional, disciple-making church, but aren’t sure how to get there? In this course, we will explore how we can live missionally—to live and share Jesus wherever we go, whether that is with unbelieving family and friends, neighbours, co-workers, or classmates. We will also look at how we can grow 11 essential elements that will move our churches toward greater disciple-making effectiveness.

Course Outcomes

This course will help learners:
  • Analyze current trends in Canada that influence the ways in which they can effectively contextualize the Gospel and make disciples in the Canadian context.
  • Formulate a theology of discipleship that focuses on helping people grow in their faith.
  • Appreciate the importance of making disciple-making a central part of church life, to more effectively develop and multiply disciples (and churches).
  • Grapple with various theological issues related to evangelism and discipleship.


Randy Wollf, Ph.D

Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Leadership and Practical Theology

Randy’s passion for making disciples led him to help start a street ministry in Vancouver, develop disciples as a children’s pastor and adult ministries pastor, move his family to live
with refugees in Whalley for seven months, write a book on Maximum Discipleship in the Church, and assist with a church planting movement in Thailand.